What is a Control Top Pantyhose?

Control top pantyhose are a type of hosiery that have control panels at the waistline to help hold in your tummy and control thigh bulge. They come in different styles such as sheer, which is perfect for work or dress pants; fishnet, which can be worn with shorter skirts or dresses; and opaque, which has a high level of opacity and will not show under clothes.

Pantyhose are among the most popular clothing items for women. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but it is the control top pantyhose that are often chosen by those who want to look their best. Control top pantyhose feature a reinforced fabric at the waistline which helps them stay up on your leg without rolling down or slipping off. It’s because of this construction that there is a control panel.

What are the Types?

Control top pantyhose come in three styles, fishnet, sheer and opaque.

The first style features thin material for an almost transparent feel which can be worn with shorter skirts or dresses without showing when wearing nude color hose underneath them. The second style is sheer with a denser material and can be worn for work or dress pants. The third type of control top pantyhose has the highest level of opacity, which means they will not show under clothes.

How to Wear Them?

Control top pantyhose should be put on like normal hose then pulled up as high as possible so that it lays flat against your abdomen area. This helps create an effective waistline where you don’t need to suck in while wearing them!

What are They Made From?

Pantyhose come from many different materials but most often are made out of nylon or polyester blends. Some also have spandex added into the mix for more stretch-ability and durability making them last longer.

When should you wear them?

Control top pantyhose are worn in place of regular hose by women who want to create a smooth and flat tummy area or fix thigh bulge problems. They can be worn for work, evening events or dressing up your wardrobe with heels which may make the leg problem worse! Choose control top pantyhose when going commando is not an option but don’t forget to do some stretches before wearing them so they won’t feel too tight at first.

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