What are Clamdiggers?

If you’re a fashionista, then you know that the latest trends always seem to come from the most unlikely places. So it should come as no surprise that clamdiggers are making a comeback this year. But what exactly are they? Clamdiggers are a type of pants that are typically made from denim or corduroy. They’re characterized by their loose fit and cropped legs, which end just above the knee.

Clamdiggers are a type of fashion that has been gaining popularity over recent years. They’re pants with an elastic waist and mid-calf length, closely related to capris but baggier so they create this casual look often associated with the beach or vacation destination where you can find them at most department stores during summer months.

The defining point of the style is shorter than conventional pants but longer than shorts. Depending on the designer, it may be hemmed just below or halfway down calf level

A type often confused with clamdiggers is “capris,” which have an elastic waistband and come in different lengths; some people use these two terms interchangeably without realizing they represent separate styles!

The word “clamdigger” is a play on the term for people who enjoy wading through shallow waters. This group has been given this sobriquet because they can go about their business without having to worry too much if there’s sand or water up ahead, as it will just get stuck in these durable fabrics!

Clamdiggers are a type of pair historically worn by people who dig for clams. These pants not only keep you clean and dry but also prevent your clothing from getting snagged on bike pedals or gear as you pedal away! If you are looking for pedal pushers that will keep your legs from getting scratchy while pedaling, then these pants may just be what’s needed! The short length and wide waistband make them perfect to wear around town or on bike rides.

The clam diggers’ popularity is undeniable, with both men and women wearing them. Although they are most commonly seen on female forms of dress code, this isn’t any kind of reason for you to avoid getting one!

Wearing clamdiggers can be a great way to beat the heat this summer. They’re cooler than full-length pants and more modest than shorts, but you still have your choice of what goes along with them! For women who want their behinds in shapewear heels or wedge sandals because these types will make it look perkier too- perfect for parties where fashion isn’t necessary (but looks are).

So if you’re looking for a new pant style to try this year, why not give clamdiggers ago? They’re comfortable, stylish, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Trust us, you’ll be digging them in no time!

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