What are Retro Jordans®?

If you’re a sneakerhead, then you know all about Retro Jordans. But for the uninitiated, here’s a quick primer: Retro Jordans are sneakers that were originally released by Nike as part of its popular Air Jordan® line. They were named after Michael Jordan, a former basketball player, and they quickly became some of the most popular sneakers in the world.

Origin of the Retro Jordans®

The Air Jordan line is one of the most popular sneaker lines of all time. Since its debut in 1985, the line has gone through many different designs. Some of these designs have been so popular that they have been brought back, or “retroed.” This process of re-releasing popular designs from the past is called retroing.

Jordan Air 12 Retro Men's Shoes White/French Blue/Metallic Silver/Varsity Red 130690-113
Jordan Air 12 Retro Men’s Shoes

Retroing is a neologism, which is a word that is created to describe something new. The word “retro” comes from the Latin word “retro,” which means “from the past.” When a design is retroed, it means that it is being released again, or brought back, from the past. Retro Jordan is a way for sneaker companies to capitalize on the popularity of certain designs and to bring back memories for fans of the Air Jordan line.

The Air Jordan shoes were first launched in the early 1980s when Nike sought the endorsement of basketball player Michael Jordan. As Jordan’s fame increased, so did the popularity of the shoes bearing his name. Each year, new designs were launched, many of them created by designer Tinker Hatfield. By 2010, the Air Jordan range had grown to include two dozen distinct designs. The Air Jordan brand is now a separate business entity from Nike.

The shoes were available in a variety of colors, but the most popular were the red and black ones which violated the NBA’s uniform policy at the time. Jordan was fined $5,000 every time he wore them in a game, but this was no deterrent; Nike happily footed the bill and used the controversy to generate even more publicity for the shoes.

The Air Jordan line proved to be extremely popular, and over the years Nike has released many different designs, often reviving older ones. These reissued shoes are known as Retro Jordans. While the company has been embroiled in various controversies over the years, such as employing sweatshops and child labor, this has not stopped the public from snapping up every new release.

The term “retro” has been used in marketing and advertising to describe a product that is based on a design from the past. In the case of Air Jordans, Nike has released many of the same designs that were popular during Jordan’s playing career. Fans and collectors often refer to a specific design as being “retro’d” or “retro’ed.”

The trend of releasing retro products is not new, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many companies have found that there is a demand for products that are based on older designs. In some cases, these products are exact replicas of the original, while in other cases they are updated versions with modern features.

The release of retro Jordans has been met with mixed reactions from fans and collectors. Some people love the idea of being able to own a piece of history, while others feel that it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. However, there is no doubt that retro Jordans are here to stay and will continue to be popular among fans of the Air Jordan brand.

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