Fashion Terms Starting with Letter X

Ever wonder what the difference is between an A-line dress and a pencil skirt? What about a jumpsuit and a romper? There are so many fashion terms out there, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some common terms that start with X. Hopefully you can quickly find the term you need without having to search through your favorite style blog or dictionary!

  • X-Cuts: A style of cut-out clothing, such as a swimsuit or sports bra, that is shaped like the letter X. A related term with the same meaning is Y-fronts.
  • X Marks The Spot: The middle of your body (bust, waist, and hips). This area can be found by intersecting lines that go straight across from your armpits and legs.
  • Xhilaration: A brand designed for young girls and teens. The brand’s line features bright colors, trendy prints, and unique designs.
  • Xtrafit: A style of yoga pants that are generally made of spandex or other stretch materials, making them extra comfortable to wear while working out.

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