Fashion Terms Starting with Letter Y

We all know how important fashion is, but do you know the definitions of some basic terms for it? We’ll go over what they mean and give examples.

Yoke: A yoke is a set of straps or loops used to join two pieces together at their shoulders, similar to suspenders. It usually refers to the shoulder strap that goes across both shoulders in a blouse or dress shirt. Yokes are also used in sewing garments like skirts and trousers. If you want your garment to fit well, make sure your yoke sits where it should be on your body before sewing it on!

Yardstick: The yardstick has been around since ancient times when people were measuring things with ropes called “yards.” Nowadays, it has become a staple tool in most households for measuring. Its popularity is because it’s made of sturdy wood, metal, or plastic. It usually measures 36 inches with markings every 1/16 inch on one side and 1/8 inch on the other side.

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