Fashion Terms Starting with Letter Z

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing fashion terminology that starts with the letter Z. There aren’t many fashion terms that start with this final letter.

  • Zac Posen: He is a designer who was born in 1980 and based in New York City. His collections are known for their bold cuts, luxurious fabrics, and couture-inspired details.
  • Zipper: The zipper is a device that secures the opening of an article of clothing and provides a means for fastening or closing. Two common types are:(1) in-seam zippers, which close from the bottom up; and (2) fly zippers, which start at the waistline and stop short of the neck. A third type is often found on jackets such as bomber jackets, peacoats, or parkas where it starts at one side under one armpit and runs to just past midway along with the other armpit.

Fashion Terms Starting with Letter Z

A Zucchetto is a type of skullcap worn by the clergy and others as part of certain religious ceremonies. Image by WikiPedia It was originally designed to shield the head from direct sunlight, heat, and cold. They are often made...

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