Fashion Terms Starting with Letter Q

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and it stands for quick. In fashion terms, Q can mean a variety of things.

  • Quinceanera: It is a type of celebration in Latin American countries. These celebrations often dress young girls in the most extravagant dresses they can find, which are usually white. Some people call these types of dresses “princess gowns” because they are so fanciful and beautiful. They are usually made out of silk or satin with lots of lace detail on them. The girl will also wear an elaborate hairstyle that is typically pinned up on top to keep it safe from all the dancing that will happen during this event.
  • Qualified: it means that you have met all the requirements set by your employer or school to be hired or admitted into their program/classroom/etcetera.
  • Quarter: A quarter refers to the width of one’s hips at their widest point, typically measured by wrapping a tape measure around them and dividing the measurement in half. The number you get will correspond with what size jeans or another garment you should buy.

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