Glossary of Fashion Terms

A lot of people think that fashion is all about clothes. But there are many other aspects to it, such as the terminology. Fashion termnologies can be used in a variety of ways, from helping you understand what your friends may be talking about when they mention “blue jeans” or “peacoat,” to help with your studies if you’re looking at fashion design or management courses. In this article, we’ll take a look at essential fashion terms which will help you with anything and everything related to the industry!

Glossary of fashion terminologies

Glossary of Common Fashion Terms A-Z


Artisan Jewelry - Artisan jewelry is what we might call handmade, or made by hand with care and attention to detail.
Alternative Fashion - Alternative Fashion is a term that encompasses many styles of clothing. It includes everything from punk to goth and grunge, or even hipster style for the more contemporary crowd.
A-Line Skirt - A-line skirts are one of the most flattering and easy to wear styles that women can choose from. This skirt style is characterized by a wider hem with gradual flare which makes it look like an A, much different than other popular shapes such as pencil or circle!
Athleisure wear - Athleisure wear is clothing made for both athletic activity and casual use, such as yoga pants or sweatpants worn while running errands around town; this type of apparel is designed like activewear but features more fashionable design elements which has led to its mainstream popularity.


Button-Fly Jeans - Button-fly jeans are a type of pants that are characterized by one or more buttons in the fly instead of a zipper.
Bohemian Fashion - Bohemian Fashion is a style that incorporates different elements, such as vintage-inspired clothing, ethnic patterns and textures, boho jewelry, and more.
Boxer Shorts - Boxer shorts are a type of men's underwear that fit tightly around the waist, and have legs which extend to about mid-thigh.
Bubble Skirt - A bubble skirt is an adorable skirt that flares out from the waist and falls loosely at the hem.
Barathea - The Barathea fabric is a man's formal clothing friend. It has distinctive design and weave that gives it the "pebbled" look, which can be made of silk or wool with synthetic fiber blends as well.
Burqa - A burqa is a traditional garment worn by Muslim women that covers the entire body except for the eyes.
Boot Cut Jeans - Boot cut jeans are a type of jean that fit snugly on the thighs and then gradually get looser as they go down to the leg opening. They typically have a straight or slightly tapered leg. Boot cut jeans come in various different washes, colors, and styles.
Besom Pockets - Besom pockets, also called a besom pocket or a half-besom pocket, are a type of traditional women's clothing that originated in the 1800s. It is made with two triangular pieces of fabric sewn together at the top to create an open area for your hand. The shape looks like the bristles on a broom and is often worn by brides as part of their wedding dress.
Bengaline - The texture and appearance is similar to leather, but it does not require any treatment or dyeing process after production. It's cheaper than leather, but softer and more malleable than synthetic materials.
Boho Chic - Boho chic is a term that refers to an eclectic, bohemian style - usually in reference to fashion or interior design.


Cloak - A cloak is a loose outer garment. It covers the whole body and is worn on top of other clothing.
Cowl - The cowl is one of the oldest and most versatile garments in fashion. They were first worn by monks to keep warm, but they quickly became popular with noblemen who wanted to emulate the monks.
Chin Piercing - Chin piercings can be done on either side or in the center and they heal relatively quickly with no scarring, making them perfect for anyone who wants to add some flair to their face but doesn't want anything too permanent!
Cowl Neck - A cowl neck is a popular style for both men and women. The unstructured, floppy turtleneck design drapes below one's collarbone - it can be found on sweaters knitted from wool or cashmere fibers as well as synthetics such like acrylic!
Chakra Bracelet - A chakra bracelet is a colorful piece of jewelry worn on an arm or leg corresponding to a certain chakra point for healing purposes.
Cargo Pants - Cargo pants are a type of casual pant that feature one or two large front pockets and two smaller back pockets.
Cashmere - Cashmere is a luxurious, soft material derived from the hair of an animal called a cashmere goat.
Checkerboard Pattern - A checkerboard pattern is a design that features two contrasting colors placed in alternating squares usually 2x2.
Cardigan - A cardigan is a type of sweater that's usually made from knitted wool or cotton and typically has buttons that allow you to close it up in order to put warmth around your neck and chest during the colder months.
Codpiece - A codpiece is an article of clothing covering male genitalia that can be strapped or held with points over outer clothes on each side of the groin region.
Cuff Bracelet - Cuff Bracelet is a type of jewelry that you can wear on your wrist. It consists of a piece of flat metal which has been bent into the shape of a circle and then closed in order to form an open-ended tube, or cuff.
Chiffon - Chiffon is a thin, sheer fabric that can be made from different materials such as silk, nylon, cotton or rayon.
Cropped Pants - Cropped pants can be best described as being a couple of inches above the ankle. They provide an edgier look than regular jeans, and they work well with sneakers or sandals in warmer weather.
Culottes - Culottes are basically trousers that stop somewhere between the knee and ankle.
Character Shoes - The name "character shoes" is an apt description of these types of footwear. Actors and actresses typically wear them on stage to portray a specific character in theatrical productions, or during auditions for theater roles.
Chinos - In their simplest definition, they are pants for men made from cotton which is imported from China.
Crewneck - A crewneck sweater is a piece of clothing that has a round neckline and no sleeves. The word "crewneck" is derived from the term "crew," which means to pull tight, as in pulling together two ends of cloth.
Cocktail Dress - A cocktail dress is a type of formal clothing which can be worn to social events such as weddings or fundraisers. Cocktail dresses are typically short, knee length or above the ankle length. They often have spaghetti straps and strapless necklines with small detail on the bodice.
Clutch Purse - Clutch purses are a small purse that can fit in your hand, and they come in many different shapes and sizes.
Convertible Collar - Convertible collars are a type of collar that has two different functions: they can be worn as a regular shirt collar, or as an ascot with the pointed end pulled up to cover your neck.
Crinkle Cotton - Crinkle cotton is an unlikely fabric. The term sounds like a contradiction in terms – cotton, the most popular natural fiber textile on earth, being crinkled? But this is what happens when you stretch and then release the fabric after it has been washed.
Cognac Leather - Cognac leather derives its name from the brandy that is used to produce it, which also bears a cognomen of "Cognac" for amber or golden colored and gradually darkens with age.
Crew Socks - Crew socks are a type of sock that is slightly shorter and thicker than other types. They are a covering for the feet that normally extend to your mid-calf region.
Chinese Cheongsam - The Chinese cheongsam, also known as the qipao or mandarin dress, is a high-necked one-piece garment with tight sleeves and an ankle-length skirt.
Cap Sleeve - A cap sleeve is a sleeveless garment that extends from the neckline to elbow or mid-bicep. It can be made of any fabric, and it may also have slits at the side seams for movement. Cap sleeves are often used in tops, dresses, and blouses to add interest to an outfit while still staying covered up.
Camisoles - A camisole is a type of women's undergarment that covers the upper body and arms. Camisoles are usually sleeveless, but can be made with short sleeves or long sleeves.
Control Top Pantyhose - Control top pantyhose are a type of hosiery that have control panels at the waistline to help hold in your tummy and control thigh bulge. They come in different styles such as sheer, which is perfect for work or dress pants; fishnet, which can be worn with shorter skirts or dresses; and opaque, which has a high level of opacity and will not show under clothes.
Cigarette Pants - Cigarette pants are a type of narrow-leg trouser that originated in the 1950s and were popularized by Hollywood stars.
Cinched Waist - The cinched waist is a style that has been around for years and it continues to be popular. The best way to describe this look is by using the word "slimming." The cinched waist is ideal for those who are looking to create an hourglass shape.
Chocolate Diamond - The term Chocolate Diamond™ is used to refer to any brown diamond that has extravagant beauty. LeVian Jewelers, the leading retailer of this prestigious stone, offers a wide range of these rare and beautiful gems for purchase with exceptional service.
Cropped Jeans - Cropped jeans are a type of jean that is short in the ankle and typically sits at your hips
Cocktail Attire - In general, "cocktails" refer to social events where attendees will be drinking alcohol. These events usually take place during the evening or early-evening hours of the day. The term "cocktail attire" refers specifically to clothing appropriate for attending such an event while dressed appropriately - that is, with class and style.


Dance Sneakers - Dance sneakers are shoes that are designed for dance. They are typically lightweight, flexible and are usually made of leather, but also other materials.
Dhoti - The dhoti is a garment that is worn by men in the Indian Subcontinent. It consists of a sheet of cloth (usually cotton) which is draped around the lower body and then gathered at the waist.
Dolman Sleeve - Dolman sleeves are a very comfortable type of sleeve that falls loosely from the shoulder to the wrist and covers the arm.
Double Navel Piercing - A Double Navel Piercing is a chance for the brave, bold soul who wants to make sure they stand out in any crowd or group of people with only two piercings around this sensitive area on our stomachs- one below our belly button (known as an "innie") and one above it ("outie").
Drop Seat Pajamas - hese pajamas have an open back, and the bottoms are pulled down to reveal the wearer's buttocks when they sit.
Disposable Underwear - Disposable underwear is a type of garment that is designed to be used only once and then thrown away.
Drop Waist - A drop waist is a skirt or dress with the hemline dropped to just below the hips. It's a popular design in skirts and dresses, but can also be seen on tops and even jackets.
Distressed Leather - Distressed leather is a material that has been treated to give it an imperfect and aged look.
Day Dress - A day dress is a dress that can be worn for the daytime. Day dresses are usually made out of light fabrics and have a flowing, comfortable silhouette.
Distressed jeans - Distressed jeans are a type of denim with rips, tears and holes in the fabric. They're typically made from raw or old-style denim and are worn by those who want to look like they don't care about their appearance.
Drainpipe Trousers - Drainspipes are a type of trouser that have a very straight, narrow leg. They typically reach to the bottom of the calf or just below and are worn with flat shoes.
Daisy Dukes - Daisy Dukes, also known as hot pants, are a type of short shorts that were popularized in the 1960s. They have since come back into fashion in recent years and can be seen everywhere from on the runway to at your local grocery store.
Drop Shoulder - A drop shoulder is a type of sleeve that drops down from the neck to the arm. It is usually cut with a wide and square neckline. This is achieved by widening the upper sleeve, which can be easily folded downwards. Drop shoulders are usually fitted on the top parts of the garment but gathered at the bottom to create volume around the body.


Empire Waist - An empire waistline is one that falls far above the natural waistline. The empire waistline is usually located directly below the bust and allows for a flowing lower section
Evening Gowns - An evening gown is a type of formal dress that is designed for special occasions. The term "evening" typically refers to the time of day, and not necessarily to the style or cut of the dress.
Emo Fashion - Emo fashion is a style that is characterized by dark colors such as black, navy blue, or gray


Fur Stole - A fur stole is a type of garment that covers the neck, shoulders and upper back. Fur stoles are typically used as a fashion statement more than anything.
French Cuffs - A French cuff is a cuffed sleeve on a shirt, dress, or blazer. It is characterized by its width and button placement.
Fashion Statement - Fashion statements are a way to communicate your style and individuality. These statements can be made through the clothes you wear, the accessories you carry, or even how you choose to do your makeup.
Fashion Victim - I define a fashion victim as someone who is so obsessed with looking good that they are willing to put up with all of the following: onstantly feeling uncomfortable, having no sense of individuality, and wearing clothes that don't match.
Forage Cap - A forage cap is a type of hat that was originally worn by army men. It was designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to pack up. The forage cap is typically made from wool or cotton twill fabric with an olive drab color.
Friendship Rings - Friendship rings are a beautiful symbol of the bond between two friends. They are given as a gift that signifies the love and friendship in your life.
Funnel Neck - A funnel neck features folds or pleats in the fabric that create an asymmetrical shape around the face.
Fisherman sandals - Fisherman sandals are an open-toe shoe with straps that go over your foot and ankle to keep out water. The name comes from their original use as footwear for fisherman who would spend long hours walking through wet docks or boats. Today, they are used by people of all ages, genders, and professions because of their comfortability and general appeal among consumers.
Faux Leather - Faux leather is a manmade material that looks and feels like genuine leather, but it has a few key differences.
Formal Attire - Formal attire is the kind of clothing you wear for your wedding, dances or other special occasions.
Fashion Designer - A fashion designer is someone who designs clothing, like dresses and suits. They are often the head of a design team that works together to create new collections for their brand or company each season.
Fashion Collection - A fashion collection is a group of clothing designs that are made by one designer. Even though collections can vary in the number of pieces, they usually contain at least 14 items including shoes and accessories. The best way to understand a particular designer’s point-of-view on style is through their collections.


Graphic Tees - T-shirts with a graphic design on them are known as graphic tees. The front of the shirt is typically screen-printed, but certain designs may be found on the side, back, or sleeves.
Grunge Fashion - When people talk about grunge fashion today they are usually referring to a look that combines elements of punk with various other styles such as gothic, hip-hop or even biker gangs.
Gel Bra - A gel bra is a bra with gel or fluid-filled inserts that are designed to help women avoid the discomfort of wearing a traditional, underwire bra.
Garter Toss - A garter toss is a tradition that has been around for centuries. A bride's maids will remove the bride's garter from her leg and throw it to the men watching at the wedding reception in order to see who can catch it.
G-String - G-string is a type of lingerie that features only the front part of the garment from hip to waistband. The back side features an elastic band that connects to the crotch.
Girdle - Girdles have been around for a long time, and they've never gone out of style. In the past, people would wear them to stay trim or even cinch in their waists before photo shoots. But today, celebrities like Beyoncé are wearing them too.


Hip-Hugger Pants - Hip Hugger Pants are fashionable and have the perfect amount of stretch in them. These low-rise bottoms are made with a tight fit that hugs the hips just right, hence their name.
Hair Chopsticks - Chopsticks have been around for centuries but only recently became popular with celebrities who uses them to style her hair without heat damage from styling tools. Nowadays people use them to create updos, buns, braids, curls and more!
Huggie Earrings - Huggie earrings are made up of small hoops that fit closely around the lobe, but differ from most standard hoop in thickness.
Hot Pants - Hot pants are a type of garment that covers the body from waist to upper thigh, and typically worn as part of women's fashion.


In-Seam Pocket - An in-seam pocket is located at the side or front of one leg, depending on the style, and it can be used to hold cash, coins or a cell phone.
Inverted Pleat - Inverted pleats are a type of pleat that is sewn inside out. They create a smooth, flat surface on the front side of the fabric and can be used to make skirts, pants, or other garments.
Indie Style - Indie style is a trend that focuses on individualism and creativity. This style has been around since the early 20th century, but became popular in the 1970s counterculture movement. It's all about going against mainstream trends to make your own unique statement.


Jodhpurs - Jodhpurs are trousers that have a tight fit around the leg and boot tops. They were originally used as an alternative to breeches by cavalry officers, but today they are more commonly worn in equestrian sports such as polo and show jumping.
Jockstrap - Jockstraps are typically worn by athletes who participate in sports such as football, wrestling or lacrosse. It's a strap that goes around the waist and provides support for the genitals during physical activity.


Knickers - Knickers are a type of men's or women's trousers, usually made from cotton that are worn with knee-length socks.
Khakis - Khakis are a pair of trousers typically made from cotton or linen. The material is usually light in color and the pants can be worn with any type of shirt or jacket.
Kangaroo Pocket - A Kangaroo Pocket is a pocket sewn to the front of clothing that opens like a kangaroo's pouch for easy access. These pockets are great for items you need quickly, such as your keys or wallet!
Keychains - Keychains are one of the most popular items you can find in a store. They come in all shapes and sizes with different designs and facets to hold your keys on them. It may seem like there is only one type, but there are actually many types of keychains that people use for various purposes.
Keyrings - People used keyrings to keep safe of their keys and to identify themselves. Keyrings can be made out of metal materials such as bronze and copper but they're most popular in plastic color schemes because the price is cheaper.


Lingerie - Lingerie is a term that can be used to describe women's undergarments, sleepwear, or both. The word "lingerie" derives from the French word meaning "small clothes." Lingerie is typically designed to cover intimate parts of the body such as breasts and genitals.


Monokini - A monokini is a style of swimsuit that consists of a single part for both the top and bottom.
Muck Boots - Muck Boots are designed for people who work in wet conditions or for those who encounter heavy, wet mires or bogs.
Matador Hat - A Matador's hat is traditionally worn by bullfighters in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries during bullfights. It has been used as an icon for those who oppose fascism or want to show support for the people of Spain. T
Muscle Shirt - A muscle shirt is a type of sleeveless T-shirt that has an extended body length and typically comes in long, short, or extra-long lengths.
Merry Widow - A merry widow is essentially a type of corset that provides support for women's breasts. It can be worn under clothing to create some cleavage, or on top as an outerwear item with nothing underneath!
Microfleece - Microfleece is made from synthetic fibers with a low density; this makes the material both soft and warm
Military Fatigues - They typically consist of a shirt with many pockets, trousers with many large pockets, and a jacket or coat.
Microsuede - Microsuede fabric is a synthetic material that has been used in upholstery for many years. It was originally created to be a substitute for suede, but it soon became more popular than its natural counterpart because of its durability and easy-to-clean surface.
Micro Mini Skirt - A micro mini skirt is a type of skirt with an extremely short hemline. This style of skirt is often worn as part of a school girl or cheerleader costume for Halloween, but can also be worn on its own as a fashion statement.
Military Underwear - This type of undergarment is designed to help keep your body warm and dry throughout long periods of time in the field. It also helps to protect against any skin rashes or infections that may occur from prolonged exposure to sweat or dirt.
Microfiber Underwear - Microfiber underwear is typically made of a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. They're usually constructed from polyester, nylon or rayon. They're different from cotton and other natural materials because they are often designed to wick away sweat while still being breathable.


Neoprene Gloves - Neoprene gloves are made of a type of synthetic rubber-made mostly of polychloroprene, which is also called "neoprene" for short.
Negligee - A negligee is a type of gown or nightgown that is typically sheer, lacy and feminine. It's designed to be worn in the bedroom as loungewear or for intimate moments with your partner.
Notch Collar - A notch collar is a type of shirt collar that sits in the middle of your neck. The idea behind this style is to keep you warmer and more comfortable, without having it too tight around your neck like a traditional high-collar shirt.
Natural Waist - The natural waist is a timeless silhouette that has been popular for centuries. It comprises of the widest part of your torso, just below your rib cage and above your hips, with a slim line at the top.
Non-Latex Gloves - Non-latex gloves are a type of disposable glove that you might wear to protect your skin from coming into contact with something hazardous. They're made of nitrile or latex.
Negative Heel Shoes - Negative heel shoes are a type of shoe that reduces pressure on the lower back and hips by lessening the slope of the foot.


Outlet Shopping - Outlet shopping is a term that applies to the act of visiting stores that sell high-end clothing. These stores are typically located near an outlet mall or factory store and offer discounted prices on these items.


Princess Seams - Long, curved seams called princess seams can be found on the front or back of a garment. They are commonly utilized in women's fashion for the same reason that they are designed to fit smoothly and firmly.
Patch Pocket - Patch pockets are a type of pocket that is sewn on the outside of clothing. They're more common on jackets, jeans, but can be found on shirts and even skirts as well.
Peasant Blouse - A peasant blouse is a type of shirt with a low-cut neckline, short sleeves and an A-line shape. The fabric of the garment is typically made from cotton or linen. Peasant blouses have been around for centuries and have evolved through time to function in many different ways.
Push-Up Bra - The push-up bra is a specially designed piece of lingerie that can make anyone feel more confident in their body. The mechanics behind the design rely on overflow, making your breasts look larger and fuller by bringing them up closer together from underneath than they normally would be positioned without one.
Preshrunk Garments - Preshrunk garments are clothes that have been pre-shrunk so they will not shrink as much when you wash them. They are typically made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, which retain their shape and size better than cotton. You may also see preshrunk garments called "permanent press" or "wrinkle-free."
Pork Chop Pockets - Pork chop pockets are two pieces of fabric sewn together with an opening at the top for your hand to go through.
Pintuck - A pintuck is a narrow fold of fabric that creates a smooth, pinched pleat.
Periwig - Periwigs come in many different styles, but are most commonly tied back into two large knots at the front of the head. This gives them their signature curly shape!
Post Earrings - Post earrings can be considered a type of pierced earring that is attached to the back of the ear by a post. They are also called "ear posts" or "backless studs." A post-style or screw-back earring has a larger, threaded post at its back end which screws into the top of your piercing.
Pouch Underwear - Pouch underwear is a type of male underwear that has a pouch in front to create room for the penis and testicles. It's typically made from soft cotton or elastic material, which allows it to stretch easily so you can put it on without taking off your pants.
Peached Fabric - Peached fabric is a type of fabric that has been sanitized and pre-shrunk.


Rubber Slippers - Rubber slippers are footwear that is made of rubber, which makes them great to wear outside
Racerback Top - A racerback top can be both flattering and flattering because it shows off your shoulders but is also secure enough to wear when you are working out or playing sports.
Romatic Fashion - Romantic fashion has been described as "fashion for the heart." This type of fashion usually includes soft colors, flowing fabrics and floral prints.
Retro Clothing - Retro clothing is usually associated with the 1980s era, but it can go back to as early as the 1930s or 1940s.
Raincoat - A raincoat, also known as a raingear or mackintosh, is an outer garment designed to protect one from the rain.
Raglan Sleeve - n sleeves are a style of sleeve that is shaped to fit the arm rather than just being straight and loose. They also have a hem-less design, meaning there is no bottom edge on the sleeve.
Resort Wear - Resort wear is a type of clothing designed for vacation, typically resort vacations.
Ribbed Cotton - Ribbed cotton is a fabric that has been woven to create textured lines in the yarn. It creates a rough and uneven surface, giving it an interesting look.


Sweep Train - A sweep train is when the hemline of a dress or skirt has been designed to move when the wearer walks, giving the illusion that they are floating. A sweep train is the total length of a wedding dress's train.
Sequins - Sequins are underrated accessories that can make any outfit stand out. These shiny little pieces of plastic, metal or glass are always a popular choice for dance costumes and ball gowns but there is a lot more you can do with them!
Shirtwaist - The word “shirtwaist” has been used in different ways throughout history. The first meaning was a type of tailored women's blouse which could be worn separately from skirts or pants, but it later came to refer for more revealing dresses that were styled like men's shirts with an open back and low neckline.
String Bikini - A string bikini is a type of woman's swimming costume made out of fabric swaths fastened together with thin cords or strings.
Spats - Spats are a type of shoe covering that may be used for ornamental or safety purposes.
Slipper Socks - Slipper socks are typically made of a thin material that is soft and lightweight to keep your feet warm during cold months.
Sneaker - A sneaker is a shoe with a rubber sole and canvas or nylon uppers. They get their name from the squeak sound they make when you walk in them.
Shirring - Shirring is a technique that uses multiple rows of stitches with elastic thread to create gathers. This decorative sewing technique can be used for functional purposes in projects like the creation of snug necklines or stretchy fabric which allows someone wearing it to pull off their clothing more easily.
Suede Brush - A suede brush is a type of brush that is made with animal hair, such as sheep or goat. It has a long, thin handle and the bristles are soft and dense.
Serape - The word serape can be applied to a number of different items. A traditional Mexican and South American garment, an Indian textile, or even a type of shawl.
Skully Hats - Skully hats are a type of hat that is made out of stiff felt. They have a cylindrical crown and flat brim, which can be turned up or down in different styles.
Stack Heel - The internet has been buzzing about the newest style of heel, the stack heel. It is a type of shoe that combines two different heels in one shoe. The most popular design consists of a high heel and an even higher platform at the back for extra stability.
Sheer Fabric - Sheer fabric is a delicate, semi-transparent fabric that allows light to pass through it. It can be used in many different ways and has some special properties that make it one of the most versatile fabrics available.
Stilettos - A stiletto is a long pointed shoe with a slender heel and narrow pointed toe that looks like it's made of metal.
Spaghetti Straps - Spaghetti straps are a type of strap that is usually found in dresses and shirts. The name comes from the fact that they resemble noodles, which are typically served with pasta sauce.
Shift Dress - A shift dress is a loose, straight-lined dress with no waist seam. It's an easy and comfortable way to look put together without straining your body or spending too much time getting ready in the morning.
Scoop Neck - A scoop neck is a type of shirt collar that dips down in the front or back.
Shawl Collar - A shawl collar is an extra soft, wide-necked shirt that you wear around your neck and shoulders to keep warm.
Sweetheart Neckline - A sweetheart neckline is a type of neckline that features an open space in the front, usually on the bust.
Set-In Sleeve - A set-in sleeve is an armhole that has been sewn into the garment rather than cut, and typically creates a more comfortable fit.
Sheath Dress - Sheath dresses are a type of dress that is characterized by its sleek and feminine silhouette.
Sailor Collar - A sailor collar is a type of neckline that has a squared off, wide stand. It can be worn as such or with the top button undone to create an open-necked shirt.
Spandex - Spandex is a man-made fabric, like nylon. Spandex is a popular fabric for athletic wear, such as leotards, bodysuits, and tights.
Slim Fit Clothing - Slim fit clothing are garments that are designed to hug closer to the body than traditional clothing. They often come in a variety of colors, have stretch bands at different points for better stay-ability and can be worn by people with any size or shape!
Skort - Skorts are the latest trend in women’s activewear. A skort is a skirt that has shorts or pants on the bottom.
Surplice - A surplice is a loose fitting, sleeveless dress that has gathered or pleated bodices. The term "surplice" derives from the Latin word for "overlapping."
Sleeper earrings - Sleeper earrings are a type of earring that is worn inside the ear. Sleeper Earrings provide an elegant style and can be easily removed when needed. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials to suit your personal taste.
Shelf Bra - A shelf bra is a type of bra that will lift your breast and create cleavage. It can be worn with any outfit, but it's most commonly used during special occasions when you want to show off your girls in the best way possible.
Semi-Formal Attire - Semi-formal attire is typically worn to more formal occasions such as weddings, proms or banquets. It can be a little more casual than formal attire but it's still dressy.


Thermal Underwear - Thermal underwear is designed to provide warmth in cold weather. It can be worn on its own or as an additional layer of clothing under other clothes.
Thermal Shirt - Thermal shirts are t-shirts with an inner lining made up of special fibers, designed to trap body heat inside.
Trilby Hat - A Trilby hat is a narrow-brimmed, soft felt fedora. It can be worn either tipped or straight on the head.
Trunk Show - A Trunk Show is a way for designers to show their latest products in person. It's an opportunity for customers to see new items and talk with the designer about what they like or don't like.
Tennis Skirt - The tennis skirt is a type of women’s dress that was first worn on the court. It has been a popular fashion accessory in recent years, and can be seen on both courts and red carpets alike.
Tapered Jeans - Tapered jeans are a style of denim that is fitted at the waist and gradually becomes narrower from the knee down.
Training Bra - A training bra is a type of bra that has been designed for girls who are going through puberty.
Tube Socks - Tube Socks are also known as over-the-calf socks. They come in a roll and have an elastic band that stretches over the top of your calf. This is so they stay up when you wear them with boots or sneakers, but won't slide down like regular tube socks would!
T-Shirt - A t-shirt is a form of shirt that has sleeves at the top and resembles the letter "t." The word "T" stands for what it looks like - not just because people are wearing shirts
Tailored Shorts - The word "tailored" may bring to mind a tailored suit, which is fitting given the similarity between tailoring and tailoring shorts. Tailored shorts are not just about being well-dressed, but they also convey an aura of refinement that is perfect for business professionals.
Tumbled Leather - Tumbled Leather is one type of leather that has been tumbled or buffed with machines to create a soft suede-like finish on the surface.


Urban Clothing - Urban clothing is a term that refers to the type of clothing that is popular in urban areas. This includes hip-hop clothes, streetwear, and even some dressy outfits.


Vegan Leather - Vegan leather is a synthetic material that replicates the look and feel of animal skin. It's made from materials like polyurethane, rather than real animals skins.
Volleyball Kneepads - Volleyball knee pads are an essential part of a volleyball player's gear, and they're designed to protect the knees from impact and injury.
Vietnamese Ao Dai - Ao Dai is the traditional dress of Vietnam, worn by both men and women. It's a long shirt that flows into a skirt at the bottom and is usually white, black or blue. Ao Dai are typically worn on special occasions like weddings or formal dinners.


Wardrobe Consultant - A wardrobe consultant is someone who assesses your current wardrobe, helps you edit it in order to improve your overall style, and then continues to assist you in keeping your new wardrobe up-to-date so that you are making the right impression all of the time.
Wrap Skirt - A wrap skirt is a type of dress that wraps around your waist. You tie it to keep it in place.
Wide Leg Pants - Wide leg pants are as large at the hemline as they are throughout the rest of their length, including a wider cut below the knees and thighs.
Water Bra - It's basically just like it sounds - a padded sports bra with cups made out of neoprene to keep them from bouncing around when they are wet or sweaty.
Welt Pocket - Welt pockets are used in the fashion industry to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. They are also called side-entry welt pockets or flap pockets.

What is Fashion?

The term “fashion” is open for everyone’s personal interpretation by what they like to wear and how it makes them feel & look about themselves as well as how it represents their personality and taste in fashion among other things!

Fashion can be anything from designer clothes to normal streetwear but there should always be some aspect of fashion that makes people look twice or say “wow” because it simply made you look better than others!

The term fashion has always been used for things that are popular. Because it “runs” or is “vogue”, as opposed to say, something that would be called a tradition. Fashion changes over time and evolves with culture (e.g.: When short skirts were popular in the late 60s, it was fashion. In the 80s when high rose-tinted jeans were popular, that too was fashion).

This particularly has to do with clothing and what people wear on their bodies. It has to do with how and why a piece of clothing is made (i.e.: What is the inspiration behind it?) and how well is it made. (i.e.: How does the piece of clothing fit with you? How does it look on you?).

Fashion has to do with all the things we have around us that makes it possible for us to see what others are doing in other places, or other times.

Fashion has to do with things around us which convey meaning. For example, wearing a T-shirt can mean many different things: maybe the person who wears it is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and is showing how much he likes the band. Maybe they are trying to make a statement about themselves by wearing it (e.g.: that they are grunge/punk) etc.. Fashion has also evolved with technology, so now we have things like selfies (self-photos taken with camera phones). This kind of thing wouldn’t have been possible without cameras on our phone!

Why You Should Know Common Fashion Terminologies

  • Knowing these fashion terminologies is also a great way of enhancing your conversation with other people who may be into fashion or style!
  • Fashion terminology can help you understand the meaning behind some words that are said in fashion. For example, “wardrobe” usually means all of an individual’s clothes (or at least those they own). But when someone says “wardrobe malfunction,” it typically refers to something going wrong on stage during their performance and having pieces of clothing fall off.
  • It’s important to know what the terms are actually referencing in order to understand fashion. You can look up any word and find out where it came from, which will help you learn about clothing design and fashion industry trends over time. Knowledge like this can help you make informed decisions about your own wardrobe.

Common Fashion Terms

Are you one of the many people who have been hearing a lot about fashion lately? If so, this article should help clear up some misconceptions. You’ll learn the meaning of common fashion terms such as “boho,” “festival,” and “bohemian.”

  • Bohemian – Wearing “hippie” style or causing controversy.
  • Festival – A term for wearing clothes with lots of sequins, glitter, and bright colors.
  • Similarity – Having a similar fashion sense to someone else’s.
  • Formal – Formal attire is the clothing that you wear for special events such as weddings, funerals, and job interviews etc.
  • Casual – Clothing that you wear on a regular day to day basis
  • Fashionable – A word used to describe something “in” at the moment; also related to how something looks.
  • Activewear – Clothing that is made to be worn while doing active sports or some type of exercise
  • Bespoke – This refers to custom made clothing where the measurements are taken for something that will be made specifically for the customer.
  • Capsule wardrobe – A capsule wardrobe consists of 28 items, which are all new and never worn before. It’s meant to be a complete wardrobe for one person.
  • Corporate – Corporate attire is what you wear when at work in an office setting, usually consisting of business-appropriate suits and dress clothes. The term can also mean any clothing that’s appropriate for an office environment such as skirts and blouses with jackets.
  • Designer – Designer brands such as Prada, Gucci Louis Vuitton etc., tend to be more expensive than their less well-known competitors.
  • Eveningwear – Clothing that’s worn to formal events such as balls, theater performances and operas etc., or for a night out clubbing or bar hopping.
  • Haute couture – Refers to the highest level of fashion design where the clothing is made by hand using exquisite material and techniques. It will also likely be one of a kind.  
  • Juniors – This term refers to women who are petite (a dress size between 0 and 6) with smaller proportions like legs that end above the knee, short necks, shoulders that end before the elbow, and waists no bigger than 24 inches around. 
  • Misters – Refers to woman who wear dresses size 6 to 14 with proportionate body types.
  • Misses – Refers to women who wear dresses size 4 – 10 with proportionate body types.
  • Oversize – Clothing that is loose fitting in order to hide weight or for style/comfort
  • Petites – Refers to women under 5’4″ (163 cm) and shorter than average proportions like legs that end above the knee, short necks, shoulders that end before the elbow, and waists no bigger than 24 inches around.
  • Pockets – Pockets are usually found on jackets but can also be found on both dress pants and skirts; they’re great for holding cellphones, keys, wallets etc., while keeping your hands free.
  • Reversible (Double-faced) – This refers to a garment that’s reversible, which is a good thing because it means you have two garments for the price of one.
  • Sportswear – Clothing made from special fabrics and materials designed for active sportspeople, but can also be worn as casual wear.
  • Vintage – A word used to describe something that’s been around long enough that it’s now considered an antique or collectable due to age or particular circumstances.
  • Women’s – Refers to clothing made exclusively for women with female-specific fits.
  • Androgynous – Androgyny describes someone who doesn’t fit traditional gender roles.
  • Boho – Bohemian fashion typically consists of bright colors, loose shapes natural fibers like cotton and linen, and earthy patterns. This type of clothing comes from a bohemian style or lifestyle similar to hippies, consisting of an artistic personality and a free-spirit. Bohemian is a term often used for people who aren’t conforming to traditional society with their looks, but it can also be used to describe unique/bizarre fashion choices.
  • Festival – Clothing that’s comfortable, loose fitting and colorful which is worn while attending festivals , raves, concerts etc., where the main goal is to have fun in your clothes without caring so much about how you look.
  • Flared – Refers to jeans, pants or skirts that are wider at the bottom than what would normally be considered “normal”
  • Cruise Wear – Clothing that’s made for vacations or cruises which are typically loose fitting with large, over-sized pockets
  • Eclectic – Eclectic describes something made up of a wide variety different elements usually found in no other single source.
  • Edgy – This refers to clothing that’s modern, unconventional and will likely be seen as controversial or risqué. It is most commonly associated with punk rocker fashion such as ripped clothes and lots of black leather.
  • Elegant – Refers to clothing that’s refined and tasteful usually displaying high class/taste level and expensive materials like silk, lace etc., often paired with classic style jewelry for understated bling.
  • Glam – Refers to clothing that is shiny and sparkling worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc., whether it’s for attention-getting or simply out of pleasure.
  • Gucci – Italian designer brand.
  • In Vogue – Refers to clothing that is popular and fashionable at the moment.
  • On Trend – Clothing that’s fashionable right now but will likely change due to the fickle nature of fashion.
  • Preppy – Clothing designed with clean lines, bright colors and often made of cotton which is worn by people who attend prep school like students from boarding schools in New England. It can also be used as an adjective e.g., “preppy shirt”.
  • Punk – A subculture known for its love of loud music, dirty clothes and piercings/tattoos; style varies but can incorporate safety pins and chains.
  • Sporty – Refers to clothing that promotes an active lifestyle like tracksuits, sweatpants, polo shirts.
  • Tailored – Refers to clothing that fits well and is in good proportions mostly used with suits and formal wear.
  • Relaxed – Relaxed describes a fashion where seams are intentionally left unfinished and lets the fabric drape naturally allowing for maximum comfort/movement; common fabrics include denim, twill etc., this style of fashion is more often associated with men but is becoming more popular among women as well.
  • Sophisticated – Sophisticated refers to a high class or expensive look achieved through elegance or refinement of materials which usually involves tailored pieces or embellished looks.
  • Appliqué – Refers to fabrics that are cut apart and sewn back together in a new pattern/shape.
  • Appliquéd – An adjective describing when an item is made with appliqué.
  • Asymmetrical – Usually refers to the style of clothing which has different parts of the garment cut and placed on either side of the center line where they would normally meet therefore causing one half to be longer or wider than the other, often giving clothes a lopsided look; it can also refer to anything where there is asymmetry like buildings, furniture etc., though it’s most commonly used in reference to fashion.
  • Bugle beads – Bugle beads describe tiny cylinders used making jewelry or sewing buttons or sometimes used to decorate fabrics.
  • Dolman sleeve – Dolman sleeves are a type of long sleeve that resembles a large rectangle or triangle shape with excess fabric gathered at the elbow and very little seam definition around the armholes so there is no armhole curve. This style originated from a Turkish military jacket called a “dolman”.
  • Embroidery – Refers to any type of art where yarn, thread or ribbon is sewn onto clothing, often seen in casual wear when flowers, hearts etc., are stitched on tops and dresses
  • Empire waist – Empire waists usually refer to lines in women’s clothes that come together below the breasts making sort of an upside down triangular shape; it can also refer to men’s clothes in the late 18th century who sported skirts with waistlines dropping to about navel level.
  • Ensemble – A group of clothing items worn together like a suit, dress shirt and tie or earrings, necklace etc., for men or women; it can also describe the instruments used by an orchestra.
  • Eponymous – Refers to anything which is named after a person like an eponymous label is one that bears the name of its founder usually used when referring to fashion brands e.g., Helmut Lang, Christian Lacroix etc., but can be used more generally as well e.g., “eponymous band”.
  • Fashion press – Fashion press refers to articles written by journalists who report on breaking fashion news like upcoming trends, new designers etc., they are often read by people who work in the fashion industry to stay updated on news while consumers read them for advice.
  • Sampling – Refers to items of clothing that were handmade or sewn with excess fabric that can be cut out and used as templates for future designs; some brands also sell their excess fabric samples.
  • Silhouette – Refers to the outline of an object e.g., silhouette of a person wearing a dress means it can’t be worn without anything underneath because there is no curve at the waistline which would indicate otherwise.
  • Slipover – A slipover is usually made with stretchy material like jersey or spandex most often used in sports but they are sometimes seen in casual wear too.

Fashion FAQ

Why is fashion important?

The short answer is that fashion is important to society because it allows people to express themselves while at the same time helping them identify with certain groups of people they may not have been able to otherwise identify with.

The goal of fashion may be to dress fashionably and be attractive. Fashion also gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your clothing choices. Fashion can be used as a way to identify with a certain group or social club.

Fashion is also important because it influences the way people behave and interact socially. For example, if you wear designer brands, people might assume that you are wealthy and they might act differently around you.

Recognizing the importance of fashion leads into why we need clothes in society today. Clothing gives us the opportunity to cover up our private parts when necessary. It also provides us with a physical barrier against cold weather or other dangers in nature itself.

The clothing we wear reflects who we are as an individual and what and who we identify with. This can affect the way people view us and interact with us.

Is fashion an art?

Fashion can be an expression of art and creativity because designers create new pieces all the time with their own aesthetic in mind.

Designer collections are often named after the designer to show off his or her creative work.

Other times, a fashion designer will take inspiration from other sources such as other artists and exhibits for their creations.

Moreover, fashion is also an international language that will be able to communicate messages on a large scale. It is a form of communication across languages and cultures which would not otherwise be possible without it.

Does fashion reveal your true identity?

Yes, fashion is important because it reveals your true identity. This can show others not only who you are as an individual, but also what groups you may identify with. For example, wearing designer brands might make someone infer that you are wealthy and they will probably act differently around you.

Can you please provide some examples of how fashion may be used as a language?

Costumes are one way that fashion can be used to communicate messages. This method is often seen in events like Halloween or dress-up days at school. Costumes tend to fall under a few categories including historical, cultural, or fantasy costumes. These are all ways for people to express their identity through clothing choices and other forms of expression through costuming.

Other times, clothing preferences may help people find others with the same interests as them when online or in person. For example, if a girl has an interest in horses and they share pictures of their favorite horse on their social media profile then it would make sense for another girl with an interest in horses to connect with them online or offline.

What is a stereotype in fashion?

Many people believe that wearing designer brands relates to wealth and class status, but this is simply untrue. In fact, designers like Marc Jacobs have openly stated that he has designed items for various levels of income in the market so anyone can wear his designs and not just those who can afford it. Stereotypes about fashion also tend to put certain groups into categories that aren’t always accurate either. For example, many people assume that Goths are all anti-social, drug users or depressed when these stereotypes aren’t necessarily true about all goths.

Moreover, sometimes stereotypes can be negative or offensive in nature which is only going to be hurtful to other people. It isn’t a good idea for one group of people to put another group down because what you’re essentially doing is discouraging their self-expression and individuality. This can cause all sorts of problems with bullying and discrimination, so it’s important that fashion designers are aware of the messages they may be sending with their designs. Many times, these clothing items will fall into marketing categories where a designer might try to sell more of an item by emphasizing its features rather than just the design itself which could stigmatize certain groups unfairly.  

Some people believe that having a sense of style isn’t something everyone can do but this isn’t true at all. While it might help to follow fashion trends, anyone can wear what they like and mix-and-match their favorite styles in order to create a look that’s unique to them. People should never feel pressured into wearing certain things just because of the way people around them are dressing or how society expects them to dress either. It’s important to trust your own judgment in combination with your personal sense of style and not let anyone else tell you that you can’t be yourself.  

Tips on how to start a conversation about fashion?

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what clothing choices are most appropriate for certain events or social gatherings because people may have different opinions about what looks good on them. In this situation, it might be a good idea to get some tips from someone you trust about what looks best because it can help avoid any fashion faux pas from happening at the event you are attending.

This is especially important for people who may be in positions of power or influence such as teachers and coaches who need to put their best foot forward when representing their school or team. The same could be said for fashion designers who try to come up with new clothing items they can sell to the public in order to make money.  

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