Fashion Terms Starting with Letter L

It’s time to start your engines and rev up your fashion sense! Here are some of the most important L-related terms you need to know.

  • Lace: A common type of fabric made with a delicate yarn or thread, often featuring an open pattern. Laces can be used as decoration on clothing, as is the case with many dresses and skirts, but they’re also great for adding interest to home décor projects like curtains. Often lace fabrics have a lacy appearance that resembles honeycombs or spiderwebs.
  • Linen: A type of woven fabric typically made from flax fibres which has a crinkled texture due to its loosely woven nature. Linens are versatile garments – they can be worn in a variety of different styles. For example, a linen dress can be worn to a formal event while a linen shirt would look great with casual jeans and flats.
  • Lizard skin: A type of leather that features scales on the surface, similar to those found on many reptiles’ skin like lizards and snakes. The pattern formed by these scales is sometimes referred to as a print.
  • Leather: A type of animal hide that is made into clothing and accessories (such as wallets and handbags) by tanning it to change its texture and improve durability. Leather can come in many different shades, including white, black, brown, blue, green or red.

Fashion Terms Starting with Letter L

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