What is Lingerie?

Lingerie is a term that can be used to describe women’s undergarments, sleepwear, or both. The word “lingerie” derives from the French word meaning “small clothes.” Lingerie is typically designed to cover intimate parts of the body such as breasts and genitals.

Lingerie is a term that has been linked to garments which enhance and flatter the female figure, making them seem more attractive or sexually appealing. However some lingerie are designed with comfort in mind while others have modesty as their main priority.

There are two styles of lingerie. The first consists of undergarments that are designed with function or modesty in mind, such as slips and camisoles which can be worn underneath other clothes. Foundation garments help women to smooth their figure, while bras provide support and coverage for the chest area.

A woman’s garments may be beautiful, but they serve a vital function of being out of sight. Night clothes are often designed to be worn in bed, around the house or both. Many nightclothes have a warm and comfortable feel because of their cotton flannel fabric that is often used when designing these garments.

The second category of lingerie is more racy. It consists of garments that are designed for show and spark interest in the wearer, be they worn underneath regular clothing or not. Made from silks, lace, synthetics – anything to make you feel sexy! Short robes or dressy camisoles can also be sewn with this in mind – but they appear to spark the most interest when worn underneath regular clothing and intended to ignite passion in a wearer’s bedroom companion at any time during their intimate moments together as well as outside of it too!

Lingerie is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Coworkers, lovers and friends will all be cruising the racks to find you something special (or naughty). You may not want everyone seeing what you’re buying at your local department store so go ahead and put on some of those clothes that are hanging up in your closet before going out shopping!

Lingerie can come with tags or without them depending on how much it costs but don’t let this fool you: just because an item doesn’t have price tag might mean its cheaper than one that does. When looking at lingeries as gifts make sure they fit their size—you wouldn’t want to see someone wearing underwear too small or too big would we?

Example: Avidlove Women Snap Crotch Lingerie Sexy Lace Bodysuit Deep V Teddy One Piece Lace Babydoll

Adjustable criss cross straps and snap closure bodysuit allow you to open the bottom without having to take off entire garment, or put it on over head and then attach below. Soft cotton with stretch allows for easy close fitting wear that slims your body to show off curves. Lace material features scralloped trim and beautiful designs which make this teddy lingerie set perfect for a wedding night or any special occasion of your choice.

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