What is a Drop Shoulder?

A drop shoulder is a type of sleeve that drops down from the neck to the arm. It is usually cut with a wide and square neckline. This is achieved by widening the upper sleeve, which can be easily folded downwards. Drop shoulders are usually fitted on the top parts of the garment but gathered at the bottom to create volume around the body.

Drop shoulders are fitted on top parts but gathered at bottom for volume around body; like in Lantern Sleeve has very short upper part and wider lower section while Medieval Style example with two-piece dropped shoulder is quite long. A horizontal seam close to elbow starts off a second, narrowly tapered sleeve section that is gently gathered so fabric flows out onto hand.

Drop shoulders are mainly seen on women’s garments as it does not provide a lot of movement for the arms. It used to be very popular in the 70s.

Lantern Sleeve is a wider drop shoulder with a lot of volume gathered at the bottom part. The lantern sleeve is the perfect item for those who want to add a little bit of flair without being too flashy. The upper part has very short sleeves and falls just below your elbow, while the lower section starts at your waistline and goes straight down past it in two pieces with an extra fabric added on that provides more length than usual.

Empire Waistline is a style that was popular in the 18th century aristocratic world where clothing were worn very large and puffy, similar to what we wear now as puff sleeve or peplum dress. This empire silhouettes was also seen as knee length dresses worn over petticoats that were supposed to make a woman seem thinner. Modern empire waistline dresses are more fitted for the body.

Puff Sleeve is a type of sleeve with fabric gathered at the bottom and held up by thick trimming or bands. This sleeve is usually seen on tea gowns which means casual day wear clothes in the 19th century when women would play bridge over tea cups using their fine china on blankets outside while wearing puffy sleeves.

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