Fashion Terms Starting with Letter H

The fashion industry is constantly changing. What was in style last year may not be this year. And what’s popular now might not even be around next season. It can be hard to keep up! But with some simple rules, you can make sure you always look your best no matter the trend or time of year.

Haircuts: Haircuts are one of the most important things about how your hair looks and if it’s flattering on you or not. If you’re starting to grow out your hair, for example, then a haircut will help maintain that length by getting rid of split ends and helping shape your head as well as giving it more volume at the roots so that when it grows out again there’ll still be some shape to it.

Hats: Hats are a type of headwear, usually worn by men and women, to cover the top of the head. They can also be used for sun protection or other purposes. The hat is an indispensable part of many people’s outfits, especially in cold weather countries like Canada where they’re needed for warmth on chilly days. A person wearing a hat is sometimes called “hatless.”

Fashion Terms Starting with Letter H

It’s time to break out your tightest pants! Hip Hugger Pants are fashionable and have the perfect amount of stretch in them. These low-rise bottoms are made with a tight fit that hugs the hips just right, hence their name....
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