Fashion Terms Starting with Letter K

K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet and, in most English-speaking countries, it stands for “kilo,” which means thousand. It also happens to be a word that starts with K and represents some fashion terms you may encounter when shopping or looking at clothes online. If you’re not sure about what these words mean, don’t worry; we’ll go through them one by one in this blog post!

These include words like “knits,” “knee socks,” and “kye.” As always, these posts are about breaking bad habits that may be holding you back in your life. If you want to improve yourself in any way, it’s important to understand what those bad habits might be.

  • Kinits: This is a slang term for “knitwear.” Knitwear consists of anything made from pieces knit together. For women, this could include your cardigan or sweater.
  • Knee socks: This is a type of socks that reaches the knees and covers most of the leg up to it. They are mostly worn during winter by both men and women when the weather is extra cold.
  • Kye: A term that means “key,” in fashion, this refers to a particular style of clothing. This can include anything from a single piece of garment to an entire outfit made up of several pieces.

Fashion Terms Starting with Letter K

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