What are Keychains?

Keychains are one of the most popular items you can find in a store. They come in all shapes and sizes with different designs and facets to hold your keys on them. It may seem like there is only one type, but there are actually many types of keychains that people use for various purposes.

Keychains can be made out of many different materials. You will typically find them to be either rubber, cotton, nylon or plastic material with metal rings at each end where you hang your keys off of.

Different Types of Keychains

Let’s talk about different types of keychains so that you know what kind is best for you!

Keychain lanyard

The keychain lanyard is one of the most popular types. This type was designed for people to easily attach their keys on a long cord so that they can wear it around their neck and have easy access to them while not having to worry about losing anything from the bunch. They are typically made out of rubber, cotton, nylon or plastic material with metal rings at each end where you hang your keys off of.

Off Fashionable Lanyard Keychain

Lilly Pulitzer Leathaverette Round Key Ring is the perfect accessory. Match it with your favorite pants, backpack, or handbag. This round key ring features Miami’s iconic pink and green colors mixed with a tropical blue palm tree on one side that will remind you of your time in paradise every day. And since lanyards are known to stretch over time, this material is made from durable rubber which provides a comfortable hand feeling while also ensuring durability. The length measures 22cm/8.7 inches and the width 3.5cm/1.38 inches- designed with size in mind so no matter how big or small your hands may be, don’t worry about not being large enough to hold it!

Glow in dark keychains

The next kind of keychain we will discuss is the glow in dark keychains! These are unique because they light up when it gets darker outside and look like something straight out of an alien movie! You might think these would be impractical because if you’re inside all day then what’s the point? Well just knowing that it’s dark outside will remind you to bring your keys with you.

Retractable carabiner

Another kind of keychain is the retractable carabiner, which is perfect for people who have trouble remembering where they put their keys! This type has a metal ring that can be pulled out and hooked onto something or pressed back in to let it hang on your pants loop like normal.

Magnetic keychains

Magnetic keychains are also popular because they help keep track of important things that might slip from your fingers, but may not work well if someone tries to steal them off of you as it would just snap closed again. These come in many shapes and sizes depending on what exactly you’re looking for so make sure to find one that suits all your needs!

Keychains with a flashlight

One last type we didn’t mention keychains with a flashlight! This kind of keychain is perfect for people who have trouble seeing in the dark, or just want to make sure they unlock their door without having to fumble around and turn on the lights.

How Do I Choose the Right Keychain?

Now that we have talked about some of the types keychains available for various uses and what they are made out of let’s talk about how to choose which type is right for you!

For someone who has a lot on their mind but still wants easy access to their keys when they need it then the best kind would be a lanyard keychain because it just hangs around your neck and there’s no chance of anything falling off from its place in your pocket. If you have a small child that might lose the keys then you may want to get them one of these just in case so they can be more responsible.

A glow in dark keychains are great because it’s easy to find your keys at night when there is no light and also helps remind someone who has trouble remembering what time it is if their day was spent inside or outside!

For those with an active lifestyle, carabiner style keychain would work well for people who love outdoor activities such as rock climbing where clipping on something like this instead of carrying around a bulky chain will help keep everything together without having any extra weight pulling down on you. These come in many different styles and sizes depending on how much equipment you need access too while on the go.

Lastly, magnet keychains are great for people who tend to misplace things such as their keys or anything metal because once it’s on something that has a magnetic force like a car door then there is no way of losing whatever you have attached! However they may not be so good if someone tries to steal them off of you since all it would do is snap closed again and keep your stuff safe inside.

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