What is Boho Chic?

Boho chic is a term that refers to an eclectic, bohemian style – usually in reference to fashion or interior design.

Boho chic is a general term for an eclectic, bohemian, and often vintage-looking style that emerged in the 1990s. Boho chic usually incorporates unconventional elements such as freeform jewelry and clothing made from brightly colored fabrics.

No one can say exactly what boho chic looks like, and the term has been credited to various designers and magazines over the years. This type of look often includes items such as freeform jewelry and flowing skirts made from brightly colored fabrics that are shabby but not dirty (think tie dye).

One of the most important tips to embrace this look is to add texture. This means adding items such as lace, embroidery, tulle, or leather accents to your wardrobe.

6 Ways to Create a Boho Chic At Home

1) Add texture to your space – You can add textures such as embroidery, lace, tulle, or leather accents to any room of the home.

2) Invest in vintage sofas and chairs – Previously owned furniture often has charm and character that newer pieces don’t have.

3) Integrate natural elements – Wood adds a beautiful natural look to any room and it’s easy to find these days with more companies using reclaimed lumber for furniture. Plants are another natural element you can include in your home for a boho chic feel.

4) Get creative with rugs – Boho chic looks best on flooring that is worn from years of use. Canvas rugs are great because they’re typically inexpensive and you can roll them up and store them when they’re not in use.

5) Go Casual – A boho chic home isn’t complete without some casual wear. Boho chic has come to mean everything from bell bottoms to vintage furniture and that is the beauty of it. You can dress casually in boho chic style, or go all out with a flowy maxi skirt and rustic jewelry. There are no rules on how you should wear this look, but one thing they all have in common is their simplicity.

6) Emphasize the Culture – You can incorporate ethnic elements into your boho chic home by adding in things such as African masks, tapestries, or another art form. This is a great way to make the space feel more authentic and unique to you.

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