Fashion Terms Starting with Letter U

Fashion is a form of art that includes the design and manufacture of clothes, accessories, or other garments. Fashion can be considered a social status symbol with different styles being worn by people from all walks of life. The term fashion does not refer to any particular style but rather it refers to changes in attitudes and ideas about what is beautiful and desirable in the world. In this post, we will explore some common fashion terms starting with the letter U.

  • Unisex: An item of clothing, generally designed for both male and female bodies. Items can be unisex in style or cut to fit either sex well.
  • Unlined: A fashion fabric that is not insulated or filled with another material to give it structure. An unlined coat is typical in the summertime while an unlined dress may be lighter weight than a lined one.
  • Upper Class: The highest social class consists of people who are rich and powerful, typically referring to wealthy families who hold high-ranking positions in government or businesses; the upper class refers to families who have money to spend on expensive items such as designer clothes, cars, etc…
  • Usage: The number of times something has been used (typically clothing). A clothing item that has never been worn is considered new, while one that has been used more often will be less valuable.
  • Upper Arm Circumference (UAC): The circumference of the upper arm is measured around the bicep muscle at a point located between the tip of the elbow and the bone.
  • Upper Arm (UA): The circumference in inches of an object when it’s placed around the fleshy part of someone’s arm, generally in line with their shoulder joint.
  • Underskirt: A skirt or dress worn under another skirt or dress. Underskirts are typically made out of fabric identical to that used for regular skirts, but can also be made from lace, tulle, chiffon, etc… It is often lighter in weight than its counterpart allowing air to flow through (typically for modesty). Underwear should never be visible wearing an underskirt unless in a situation where one’s outer skirt is removed.

Fashion Terms Starting with Letter U

Urban clothing is a term that refers to the type of clothing that is popular in urban areas. This includes hip-hop clothes, streetwear, and even some dressy outfits. Urban wear has become increasingly popular among people from all walks of...

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