What are Knickers?

Knickers are a type of men’s or women’s trousers, usually made from cotton that are worn with knee-length socks. They are typically seen in sports such as golf, tennis, and skiing where they provide extra warmth. Today, there is a resurgence of these types of pants in fashion.

Knickers have been around for centuries and it is difficult to pinpoint their origins because the term ‘knicker’ has been used to describe many different garments over time.

The most popular theory about knickers comes from the Dutch word “knieper” which means “to bend at the knee.” Knickers were originally designed for horse riding with long baggy legs to keep them warm when on horseback but today they can be found in all kinds of fabrics and materials.

Knickers made from cotton were introduced to the fashion scene in early 19th century and they quickly became a staple in casual clothing. The pants continued to grow in popularity over the years, they were so popular that some women even wore them while doing sports such as golfing or tennis.

Today these types of pants are used during winter months and for outdoor activities such as skiing, golfing, or tennis.

Knickers are typically seen in polyester or cotton fabrics but they can also be found in velour and velvet for a more luxurious look. They are usually worn with knee-length socks to provide warmth during winter months.

Knickers have become popular again recently because of their comfort and vintage feel which have made them a staple in fashion today. Knickers were originally designed for horse riding but today they are worn by men and women while playing all kinds of sports that require this type of clothing such as skiing, golfing, or tennis.

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