What are Princess Seams?

Princess seams are a type of seam that creates a beautifully draped and feminine look. This style is very flattering for most body types, but it does not work well with all clothing styles. Princess seams highlight the natural curves of your body by allowing for a narrow silhouette.

The princess seam is traditionally seen in dresses, skirts, and shirts like the classic shirtwaist dress.

Long, curved seams called princess seams can be found on the front or back of a garment. They are commonly utilized in women’s fashion for the same reason that they are designed to fit smoothly and firmly. The majority of form-fitting clothing, such as formal gowns, are constructed with this sort of stitching, and the seams are generally used in place of darts, however the two may occasionally be found on the same garment.

Princess seams are also sometimes called princess lines as they follow the natural curves of your body.

A standard seam finishes raw edges with either a serged finish or a binding, but the princess seam does not have to be finished. It is generally pressed open. With this completed look, it creates a smooth and clean line from neckline to hem that makes a body look great. This seam can have a vertical or horizontal design, depending on the desired appearance.  

This is similar to dart seams but with some important differences. The princess seam does not narrow the waist line as dart seams do because it curves gently around the body without gathering fabric at all. However, they are designed to follow your natural curve and create a more forgiving silhouette for clothing that is specifically fitted to accentuate your curves.

Though you may want to wear an empire waistline dress with the princess seams, this style does not work well on all styles of clothing due either too much skin exposure or unflattering bunching in an area of the body where it is not wanted. You should keep dresses that require more structure out of this style.

On the other hand, this is a good choice for dresses and tops that need more of a curve-hugging fit. This seam gives you a great deal of flexibility when choosing sleeve length because it pairs well with cap, elbow, three-quarter length or long sleeves without creating extra bulk under your arms. Skirts are also commonly made with princess seams to accentuate the curves of the hips before falling in soft folds at the hemline.

Princess seams are found on much clothing, but they are especially noticeable when found on dresses where there is no waistband or belt obscuring them. You can easily recognize them by their smooth line from shoulder to hip which smoothly skims over any body type while still conforming to the curves of your body. Generally, princess seams are most noticeable when they are used either to accentuate the natural curve of a woman’s waist or create an empire waistline dress.

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