What is a Kangaroo Pocket?

When you first hear the term Kangaroo pocket, it may sound like an outdated name for a weirdly placed pocket on your clothes. But in reality, this is just a clever way to describe an extra deep front or back pocket that can be used to store your belongings!

The idea of the kangaroo pocket was originally made popular by Australian surfers who wanted a convenient place to keep their wallets and keys when they were surfing. Today, these pockets are still popular among surfers but have also been adopted by many other active individuals.

A Kangaroo Pocket is a pocket sewn to the front of clothing that opens like a kangaroo’s pouch for easy access. These pockets are great for items you need quickly, such as your keys or wallet! 

The kangaroo pocket is a useful accent piece that can hold your wallet, phone, and other personal belongings. However be careful to not let them fall out of the wide openings on either side!

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The kangaroo pocket is an old-fashioned alternative to mittens, gloves, and more restrictive pockets. Unlike other warmers which need assistance from another person or a wall for warmth retention, the open sided design secures twice as much heat while also making it easy to access on demand.

Kangaroo pockets are so called hoodie pockets, as they are characteristic of a typical North American-style sweatshirt. The hoodie is a popular piece of casual wear. It can be made out of cotton or other fabrics, and has either zippers for pockets or kangaroo pockets; the latter are more common without a zipper. The hoodie’s most recognizable feature? Its drawstring to tighten up that cozy hood!

Hoodies with large pockets have been criticized in Europe. These hoods make it easy for shoplifters to steal goods, and these garments are also the perfect cover-up if you want a crime on camera go unnoticed.

It can be hard to remember where we put our things when they are in so many different pockets. That’s why kangaroo pocket hoodies became such a popular trend with skateboarders, college students and campers all over the world!

Skateboarders and other social communities in particular are starting to demand clothing that meets their needs. Certain styles of hoodies, such as kangaroo pockets-pockets on the front instead of at the side or back-, have become a niche trend because they offer more storage space for these groups who may need it most.

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