What is a Notch Collar?

A notch collar is a type of shirt collar that sits in the middle of your neck. The idea behind this style is to keep you warmer and more comfortable, without having it too tight around your neck like a traditional high-collar shirt. A notched collar was originally designed for military personnel so they could wear their uniform shirts while keeping them tucked into their pants (as opposed to wearing an open-neck dress shirt). Below are some tips on how to wear one!

The notch collar has been recently gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts because it looks sharp with a suit or worn casually with jeans. This article will discuss what makes up the notched design and how you can pair it best for different occasions!

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Men’s suit jackets may have a notched collar, which is more formal than the standard L-shaped. A tuxedo will often feature this type of notch as well! Women’s jackets may also features a notch collar. The straight angles of a U-shaped, rounded notch cut from lapels make for less formal attire than those items finished with V-shape cuts. Such designs appear much more relaxed and comfortable to the wearer because they are not as stiff or rigid in their appearance.

Notched collars are typically a part of business attire and should always be professional. The stiffer the fabric, the better it will hold its place on your upper chest area; otherwise you’ll have to live with curling lapels that refuse to lay flat against your shirt-front. Fusible interfacing or any other type of stabilizer can help in this case by sandwiching between each side of a notch collar piece for added stiffness while sewing – but don’t forget about quality thread!

A notched collar style on leather or suede outerwear is mainly seen on dressy button-front coats rather than more casual short jackets with zippers. This may be because it enhances the professional tone of voice, which isn’t always needed for a shorter jacket that can easily sport a zipper closure and will often spend time in an inner layer pocket when worn over other garments like shirts and sweaters.

You may never have thought of it, but a notch-style coat or jacket can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It is versatile and could even be worn with jeans if you make sure that they are dark denim without any rips or tears. The more expensive ones tend to come from dressier materials rather than just being because of their style collar; so don’t worry about what makes this one different!

Lab coats come in a variety of styles and colors, but the notched lapel collar is most common. It’s hard to look more professional than with a white lab coat. The notched lapel collar adds style while providing the perfect place for your id badge or stethoscope so you can easily find it when needed. With some variations, such as embroidered details on women’s styles that provide flair and personality without sacrificing function in this great garment choice!

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