Traditional Clothes around the World

Traditional clothes are defined as the clothing worn by all members of a society, typically those that are part of or established by the country’s dominant cultural tradition. This means it is not limited to one particular culture, but can be found in many different cultures throughout the world.

In a multitude of cultures, different types of traditional clothing are worn by men and women. In the United States for example, the typical outfit in which a man is dressed consists of semi-formal or “business casual” clothes consisting of slacks with socks (usually no tie), dress shoes and an appropriate shirt that can be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved.

In the United States, a woman is typically dressed in semi-formal attire for work, which can consist of slacks (or skirts) with dress shoes and an appropriate shirt that can be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved. However, when it comes to dressing in a more formal way, then typically an outfit consisting of dress shoes and a skirt or slacks with either a blouse (long-sleeved) or top (short-sleeved).

In some cultures around the world, traditional clothing is even much different. For example, in parts of Asia such as China for example, traditional dress for men can consist of a shirt with loose trousers that are often held up by suspenders and sometimes even slippers. Women in China typically wear either a blouse or tunic (or just the top) over pants which may be made out of silk.

Traditional costumes from around the world

The dhoti is a garment that is worn by men in the Indian Subcontinent. It consists of a sheet of cloth (usually cotton) which is draped around the lower body and then gathered at the waist. It's typically worn with...
A burqa is a traditional garment worn by Muslim women that covers the entire body except for the eyes. It has become a controversial topic in Western countries, where some people view it as an oppressive form of dress and...
The Chinese cheongsam, also known as the qipao or mandarin dress, is a high-necked one-piece garment with tight sleeves and an ankle-length skirt. The modern design of this dress emerged in the 1920s for fashionable women. It was worn without...
The Ao Dai is the traditional garment of Vietnam. It's typically worn by Vietnamese women, but can also be worn by Vietnamese men. The word "Ao" means shirt and "Dai" means long in the Vietnamese language; so put together, it...

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