Squeaky Shoes: How to Fix Them

Squeaky shoes are a common problem for many people. Sometimes, they just need to be oiled or have the soles replaced. Other times, though, there is a more serious issue at play that needs to be addressed immediately. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to fix squeaky shoes and get rid of that awful sound!

Try to Identify the Cause

The first thing you need to do to fix squeaky shoes is to identify the cause of them. It could be that your soles are worn out and need replaced, or they may just need some oiling.

If you can’t hear anything when walking across a rug, then it might be due to dirt buildup on the bottom of the shoe – in which case brushing it off with a dry cloth should do the trick!

The most common cause of noisy footwear is excessive wear which leads to the introduction of grit between the sole and uppers.

How to Fix Them

Clean Your Shoes Regularly

If your squeaky shoes are coming from the soles, you may have a problem with dirt or dust that is in between the shoe and sole. For this issue, we recommend gently removing some of the dirt by brushing it off with a soft-bristled brush (like an old toothbrush).

Just like regular home maintenance will keep your house clean and functioning properly, taking care of your shoes will help reduce instances where they start squeaking. Try using saddle soap on waxed leather goods if there is any visible dirt build up or use an all-purpose cleaner for fabrics like canvas. Follow this advice at least once per week to keep your shoes squeak free.

This will help to remove any small particles that could be causing the noise. If there’s still something wrong after this step, try applying oil to where the shoe meets the sole – this can lubricate and reduce friction as well as keep pieces together if they’re rubbing against each other too much.

Replace components

If the soles on your shoe are worn down, then you might be hearing a lot of screeching when walking across hard surfaces like tile or wood floors. Consider replacing them for maximum relief from that loud and annoying sound!

The best way to fix squeaky shoes when they come from inside them is through replacing components such as rubber washers or inserts pads. These can come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to match the washers or pads that you purchase with ones from your shoe. You will likely need to take them off of one of the shoes before doing anything else.

Fix Cracks and Loose Soles

If squeaky shoes are still an issue after considering these steps, it is possible that there may be some damage inside the heel area – this could include a tear on one side which needs repairing as well as loosened stitches along its edge.

If you’ve got a pair of shoes with loose attachments like tassels or heel plates, it’s important to take notice and correct anything that seems out of place. Strong adhesives are perfect for repairing rubber and leather shoes but craft glue can also work as long as the pieces don’t come off of each other.

Ask a Professional

Sometimes your shoes squeak without anything else wrong with them – they just seem poorly made. If this is the case, then consider contacting a professional who can offer more insight into any problems that might exist.

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