What is a Funnel Neck?

When you think of the word “neck,” you may not automatically associate it with clothing. However, there is actually a type of neckline called a funnel neck that is popular among many fashion designers and celebrities. A funnel neck features folds or pleats in the fabric that create an asymmetrical shape around the face. The result is a very flattering look, which makes this style perfect for women who want to highlight their facial features without being too revealing.

Infamous for its neckline, a funnel-neck top is an essential staple in any wardrobe. Considered to be one of the most flattering pieces that can accentuate your collarbone and balance out proportionally with other parts of your body, it’s no surprise this popular trend has been around since the 19th century!

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The funnel collar is both formal and elegant. The high, long neck extension smoothly folds or rolls over itself one or more times as opposed to having rigid creases that would typically separate it from the actual garment design of a blouse. Funnel necklines should always be an extension of your outfit, not sewn as a separate decoration.

You can wear a funnel neck shirt as an undershirt or outerwear. Unlike other turtlenecks, the collar widens out to increase warmth without being too tight on your neck like collared shirts. The shape is also more comfortable and less rigid than regular clothes!

The funnel neck shirt is a great way to keep your head and shoulders warm without feeling too constricted. Made from soft, lightweight fabric that drapes easily around the body, it can be worn like any other pullover top or button-down blouse. The collar widens as it extends down along the base of your neck just like a funnel to give you maximum coverage while not being bulky at all!

A funnel neck can be found on any garment that covers or provides additional warmth for the upper torso. Typically, wool sweaters and jackets are made with a funnel neck style but other materials like velvet exist as well. They can be made from wool, velvet, polyester or other materials such as rayon and cotton.

The funnel neck is a traditional garment style that has been around for centuries. The neckline of the shirt will vary depending on design, but it’s usually solid or patterned and may be adorned with additional accessories such as buttons or zippers.

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