What are Drainpipe Trousers?

Drainspipes are a type of trouser that have a very straight, narrow leg. They typically reach to the bottom of the calf or just below and are worn with flat shoes. The trousers were first popularized by Elvis Presley and were seen as an elegant fashion statement for men. Nowadays, drainspipes are mostly associated with retro style clothing due to their dated appearance and close association with Elvis Presley era fashion trends.

The pants are available in a variety of materials and colors. The original style was typically made from 100% worsted wool, but without pockets on the sides.

The worsted wool black drainpipe trousers were the original style, with no front or side pockets. They did have back pocket though which is uncommon in today’s pants. The belt loops are eliminated from these early styles of pant to avoid getting caught on things like car doors when they opened and closed quickly as well as not being able to clean them properly without harming the fabric.

With a professional, masculine cut to the pants you can’t help but look good. The signature aspect of this particular style is in how it’s tailored through the legs and backside which creates an elegant silhouette that accentuates your assets without compromising on comfort or function. Unlike most trousers, these ones don’t taper at all – so if they’re not zipped up before putting them on then there will be some difficulty getting dressed!

The name “drainpipe trousers” is apt for these pants, as the legs resemble a straight and evenly cut drain pipe. This style has also been known by other names such as stovepipes, pencil pants, or cigarette pant .

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