What is a Cowl?

The cowl is one of the oldest and most versatile garments in fashion. They were first worn by monks to keep warm, but they quickly became popular with noblemen who wanted to emulate the monks. The term “cuculli” is from the Latin word for a bag, which was used to transport goods. The word cowl was derived from “cuculli”.

The cowl is associated with religious faith today, but early versions were considerably more useful. Monks frequently resided in chilly, drafty monasteries, and they kept them warm by keeping them warm. They also served as visual indicators as an office since only monks who had taken vows were permitted to wear them.

Cowls are used mainly as outerwear now but can be worn under a coat or jacket if you want extra warmth around your neck. They’re also often paired with open-front cardigans for an elegant fit that’s perfect for any occasion!

Cowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the more common ones are either circular or rectangular. The former easily covers your shoulders and upper back, while the latter is a more relaxed version of a cowl.

The great thing about this garment is that it can be thrown on almost effortlessly if you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Throw it over an outfit for instant glamour! Just make sure you choose the right colors and patterns to match your style.

You can wear cowls with athleisure looks for more casual occasions, or throw them over more elegant styles when going out for dinner or drinks at night. They come in many different materials so finding one that suits style shouldn’t be too difficult.

Long cowls are definitely a must-have if you’re planning to update your wardrobe this season. These ultra-chic pieces will add a new dimension to your outfit while keeping you warm and cozy all morning long. With that in mind, some of the top trends for fall/winter 2017 include chunky knit cardigans paired with flowing pants or skirts, along with stylish winter coats worn over the top of any look.

Cowls also make great gifts for family or friends who enjoy experimenting with different styles from time to time! Just choose an unexpected color or print, and they’ll be sure to appreciate it!

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