6 Tips for Protecting Your Skin When Biking

Cycling is an excellent exercise for your body, but it can be hard on the skin. Even if you’re a pro at biking and always have parts to repair your favorite bike, do not neglect proper protection of this important bodily feature! When you bike, your skin is exposed to the elements. This means that it can be susceptible to sunburns and wind burns. Here are 6 tips for protecting your skin when biking:

Wear a bike helmet

By wearing a bike helmet, you are protecting your skin from sunburns and wind burns. Your helmet will also protect your head from any bumps and bruises that might happen while riding.

It’s important to wear a bike helmet because even if you do not get injured in the future, it will protect you from an injury that can lead to a skin cancer or melanoma.

These are features you should look for in a helmet:

  • The straps on the helmet are designed to keep it from sliding off of your head.
  • The padding in the helmet will help protect your head from bumps that may happen while biking.
  • There is also usually a chin strap to help hold the helmet in place.
  • Cycling helmets also often have vents for added airflow which can prevent sunburns and wind burns.
  • It is even better if it has built-in UV ray-blocking glasses.

Protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles

It is best if you wear sunglasses or goggles when biking because they protect your eyes from the wind, which can dry out and irritate them. This will help keep them from becoming sunburned because of the UV rays.

Make sure the glasses wrap around just over your nose and have good UV ray blocking features.

It is even better if they are tinted so light sources cannot enter at your peripheral vision.

To add more protection there are also special helmets for motorcycle riders that allow eye coverage with goggles built-in!

Cover up sensitive areas such as ears and lips

It’s best to cover up sensitive areas such as your ears and lips with a scarf or bandana. This will keep them from becoming sunburned because of the UV rays and help protect them from wind exposure.

It is even better if they are wetted before going outside, especially if it is cold out.

Put on sunscreen before going outside

It is important to put on sunscreen before going outside because you need to protect your skin from UV rays.

Sunscreen contains chemicals that are designed to block and absorb the sun’s UV light so you can avoid harmful effects like sunburns, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

It also slows down the aging process which can make your skin more susceptible to wrinkles and damage.

Wear gloves

It is best to wear gloves when biking because the sun’s rays will reach your skin through the spaces in your gloves. If you don’t wear gloves, then put sunscreen on any exposed areas such as your hands and arms.

Some good options for biking gloves are vinyl, leather, and stretchy material. They come in many different colors so you can find a style that suits you best.

You should also make sure that the gloves cover your wrists to give added protection from the sun’s rays.

Treat skin after each bike ride

It is important to treat your skin after each bike ride- especially if you were outside for a while. It’s best to use a sunscreen that is specifically designed for the face because it can be more gentle.

You should also wear long sleeve shirts and pants to protect your skin from UV rays, windburns, and other irritants.

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