5 Best Shiatsu Foot Massagers in 2023

Millions of people suffer from foot pain. It’s a serious and chronic condition that can be debilitating, but fortunately, there are many treatments for it. From at-home remedies to medical treatments, there is something for everyone who has this problem!

The most popular treatment by far is a massager that uses shiatsu technology to relieve tension in the feet and ankles. Shiatsu refers to an ancient Chinese technique that combines pressure points with hand techniques like kneading or tapping to balance energy flow throughout the body. There are different types of foot massagers on the market, so you’ll need to do your research before making your purchase decision!

Factors to Consider Shiatsu Foot Massagers

There are many factors to consider before buying a shiatsu foot massager. First of all, you’ll need to know what type is most appropriate for your needs. Secondly, you’ll need to compare the different types of machines available on the market today!


One thing that men and women look at is size. If you have large feet, then an oversized machine might not be the best choice for you unless it allows customization. Some machines are built with adjustable height settings along with removable massage nodes so that way they can accommodate any user’s preferences.


Another factor to consider would be heating functionality . Some machines come equipped with heaters that use infrared technology or ceramic plates in order to warm up the built-in massage nodes. This is a very nice feature for those that want to enjoy an extra sensation during their sessions.

Massage Nodes

The type of massage nodes included with these machines can vary quite drastically, even between similar types of devices. There are certain machines on the market today that only come with two or three different types of node attachments while others offer up to eleven different options!

One thing you’ll need to think about is which attachment will be best for your needs. Do you prefer something deep and firm? Or maybe something light and comfortable would be more suitable? Look at the number of attachments available before making any purchasing decisions!

Additional Functions

Additional functions could help make a big difference when determining which machine you want to buy. Some types of machines offer a wider range of functions while others might be more simple.

For example, some massagers come equipped with heaters while others may have built-in speakers that provide soothing sounds to enhance your experience. If you’re interested in any additional features, then make sure you do some research before making a purchasing decision!

Additional Accessories

This shouldn’t necessarily be the main factor in your decisions, but it’s definitely something worth looking into. Many machines come with removable nodes for easy cleaning, and extra attachments might also be available separately from the massager itself. There are certain accessories out there that can help improve how effective shiatsu foot massagers are, so keep that in mind as well!

Top 5 Shiatsu Foot Massagers

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat - Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis
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This Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is the perfect way to relieve pain and tension in your feet. The deep kneading action and air compression provide a relaxing massage that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The heated foot massager provides additional comfort and relaxation. This is the perfect gift for anyone who struggles with foot pain or just needs a little TLC.

This Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat has three modes and five pressure levels, so you can customize your massage to meet your specific needs. Plus, the heat function provides an added layer of comfort.

Belmint 18 Rotating Shiatsu Heads Foot Massager

Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy - 18 Rotating Shiatsu Heads with Soothing Heat for Deep Kneading Feet Massage Therapy - Electric Foot Massager Machine
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Take a break from the daily grind and give your feet the TLC they deserve with this incredible foot massager. This device has 18 rotating massage heads that will knead your feet and target acupuncture points, relieving stress and stimulating blood flow. Your feet will feel blissfully relaxed after just a few minutes of use.

This massager is perfect for relieving tension and pain in your feet, whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, or nerve pain. With its adjustable height feature, it can be easily adjusted up to 3 levels depending on your preference and convenience. Its large platform accommodates feet of all sizes.

Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager

Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager Machine with Heat
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With patented CirQulation Figure-Eight Technology, heat, and vibrating massage, this massager can help improve circulation and relieve tension in your muscles.

With its ergonomic design, this massager provides a comprehensive and comfortable foot massage. The targeted relief it provides quickly recovers stressed feet and rejuvenates muscles.

The Hygienic removable washable sleeve inserts help keep your foot massage experience clean and healthy. The footwells on this massager are enlarged to accommodate most foot sizes – up to men size 12. 

Etekcity Foot Massager Machine

Etekcity Foot Massager Machine with Heat and APP Remote
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This deep-kneading massage machine provides relief for painful conditions like plantar fasciitis, while the airbags gently create pressure on your feet and ankles. It comes with U.S.-based customer service so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

The massage rollers provide 3 air pressure levels and 3 different speeds to help you unwind at your own pace. You can also save your favorite settings on the free VeSync app. The built-in heating feature provides slow, smooth heating that warms up cold feet improves blood circulation, and helps you sleep better. With the clear LCD display and touch panel, it’s easy to use the massager.

Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine

Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings
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Equipped with four air pressure pads, five different pressure settings, three massage modes, vibration, deep-kneading function, and heat, Miko’s massager is perfect for targeting pressure points and promoting better health.

This nifty device is perfect for use while watching TV, reading, working at the office, or just relaxing. It features removable covers for easy washing, and an adjustable bar to accommodate different foot sizes. Best of all, it comes with a default pressure level of 3 – but feel free to adjust it according to your own preferences. So why not give it a try today? You may be surprised at just how much this little machine can help you unwind!

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