10+ Style Tips for People Over 40

You are not alone if you are feeling frustrated with the way that your hair is thinning or you can’t seem to lose weight. Here are some tips for those of us who are over 40-and they’re just as good for people under 40!

Style Tips for People Over 40

13 Style Tips for People Over 40

Stay away from high-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans can hide a large belly and hips and make them appear smaller than they really are. They also don’t cover up your backside which may be too wide or saggy. The stripes and small patterns on the material will draw attention to your waistline and make it look even larger than it actually is. High-waisted jeans can be saved for casual wear if they’re loose-fitting, but should never be worn for formal occasions.

Find a style icon

Nobody’s perfect, but it’s always fun to look up to someone. Get inspired by magazines or bloggers, or find women with similar body types to you!

If they’re celebrities, take note of what they wear on the red carpet-that clothes are very planned out for them!

Copy their style if you want! Some suggestions are Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway, Pharrell Williams, and Jennifer Lopez.

Stock up on investment pieces

This is stuff you buy once and keep your entire life (if it’s built to last). Invest in solid colors like black, white, gray, or navy. It’s always good to have a piece of clothing that creates the illusion that you’re taller or thinner than you actually are; choose blazers with contrasting collars (that makes them look like they were tailored specifically for you!), v neck tops which bring attention down toward your legs instead of your tummy area.

Try trousers with pleats-it gives the illusion of broader hips. Pleated pants are also very forgiving of women with more-than-ample thighs.

Create an inspiration board

Find pictures of outfits you love online! Put them on a Word Document, Pinterest Board, or wherever. If it’s on the internet, you can find it again, so don’t worry about copyright issues!

You want to have this for two reasons: firstly, if you go shopping and something catches your eye but isn’t caught up in your budget right now, you can try to recreate that look later on with pieces that are already in your wardrobe; secondly, if you’re constantly inspired by stuff outside of what’s currently in your wardrobe (but would make great additions), it gives you ideas on how to constantly update your wardrobe.

Try some monochromatic looks on for size

Try some monochromatic looks on for size! An easy way to get the look of a trend (like colored jeans) without breaking your bank is by wearing different shades of the same color, like light blue and dark blue. It’s one item instead of two!

You can also try combining several trends in one outfit; if you’re wearing skinny jeans, why not wear them with wedge sneakers? Try out what looks good to you, but remember-the more skin you show (the hemline or arm length), the less formal that outfit becomes.  

Make colored leather part of your look

This is actually a very easy way to update any look, especially an all-black one. Stripes are probably the trend nobody needs in their lives… unless it’s a leather jacket with stripes!

A leather jacket is a classic piece that can make any outfit wearable. They come in so many different styles and colors, you really should try one out.

Figure out your signature style and own it

Figure out your signature style and own it! If you’re still trying to find “it” after several years of fashion mishaps (and who isn’t?), then figure out what suits your body type the best by looking at past photos of yourself.

What did you wear when you felt confident? What made you feel sexy or powerful? Once you know what you gravitate toward, you’ll need to pick out the pieces that are either similar or easily interchangeable with items that already exist in your wardrobe.

Put your favorite items into your appearance

Incorporate your favorite things into your look! It’s great if you can create a mash-up of different styles and make it work for you, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t love what you’re wearing.

There is no point in trying to dress “trendy” unless the result makes you happy. If purple lipstick isn’t really up to your alley but green eye shadow looks fantastic on you, then go for it! The more confident you feel in what you’re wearing, the better everyone around will be able to judge the look.

Build a capsule wardrobe

Build a capsule wardrobe! You don’t have to give up fashion entirely, but you should limit the number of clothes in your closet so you can focus on wearing what’s already there that wasn’t purchased because it was trendy or cheap; otherwise, you end up with 10 black sweaters and no other items to pair them with. Don’t think about what might go out of style next year; if it looks good today (and will hopefully last through tomorrow), then buy it! That way, you’ll never find yourself shopping for an outfit again-you’ll only be acquiring accessories!  

Buy outerwear that complements your existing wardrobe

Buy outerwear that completes your existing wardrobe! There’s no better way to update your look than by wearing a new coat.

This instantly changes your silhouette and provides you with something wearable and versatile that can be called upon for years to come.

Try the trends that speak to you

Try out what looks good to you, but remember-the more skin you show (the hemline or arm length), the less formal that outfit becomes.  

Try the trends that speak to you! When it comes down to it, there is no better judge of whether or not a trend works for you than your own instincts. Trends always begin with style icons, who set them in motion; they’re simply hoping someone else will like their creation and wear it as well. If one seems like something you could pull off, go for it! But remember to keep your comfort in mind.

Mix and match basics

You should have a selection of items in your wardrobe that can be easily paired with other pieces to create new outfits.

For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to wear skinny jeans (but only your own flare leg ones), grab a pair of boots (the more varied the materials, the better), and then pick out an oversized sweater or blazer that complements the color of either item; voila! You’ve created something totally different than what was already in your closet!  

Prioritize the fit of your clothes

Prioritize the fit of your clothes! If you’re not comfortable in your clothing, it’ll show. So take the time to purchase garments that suit your body type or err on the side of roominess.

This means not only looking at the tags but also trying things on before purchasing them if possible (or even ordering samples). Remember, if an article of clothing doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on, there’s no sense in purchasing it!

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