What is Cinched Waist?

The cinched waist is a style that has been around for years and it continues to be popular. The best way to describe this look is by using the word “slimming.” The cinched waist is ideal for those who are looking to create an hourglass shape.

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A woman with a small frame will benefit from wearing clothes that have some sort of elastic or drawstring at the waist, while someone who has a larger frame may want to wear an article of clothing that nips in their waist without restricting breathing ability.

The corset, a garment worn primarily by women in the 19th and 20th centuries to create an hourglass figure with slimmer waistlines, has gradually given way over time to modern day girdles or “shape wear” that does much of this same work.

The way in which a garment is sewn, the placement of darting or folds can affect how it fits and creates shaping at your waist. If you sew into darts that are not too tight, they will simply create curves along the natural lines of your body as well give definition to an area where fabric bunches up such as on sleeves or skirts. For instance if we wanted our skirt be fitted close to our hips we would want this portion snugged with tighter fitting darts while gradually loosening them lower down giving more volume and movement so there’s still room for dancing!

The best belt for creating a dramatic cinch look is thick elasticized belts that are often included with garments like empire tops and sweater dresses. These types of belts have clasps or hooks on the front, rather than having to use a buckle and loop.

The cinched waist has gone in and out of style over the years, but one thing that doesn’t change is how a tight belt can help you feel more professional at work. The latest trend is for an empire or v-shaped silhouette with a wide flowing top and loose skirt below it.

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