What is a Convertible Collar?

Convertible collars are a type of collar that has two different functions: they can be worn as a regular shirt collar, or as an ascot with the pointed end pulled up to cover your neck. These collars were originally popularized in the 18th century when it was customary for men to wear large, high-collared coats.

Nowadays, these collars are more commonly seen on business casual and formalwear shirts. The most common convertible collar is made out of cotton or silk and features four points that tuck into a hidden pocket at the back of your shirt when wearing it traditionally.

  • A convertible collar is a type of shirt collar that has two different functions: it can be worn as an ascot with the pointed end pulled up over your neck, or as a regular shirt collar.
  • The most common convertible collars are made out of cotton or silk and feature four points which tuck neatly into a hidden pocket at the back of your shirt when wearing them traditionally.
  • To convert from one to another, simply pull out any point from its tucked position, wrap around your neck like you would with an ascot scarf if you had one handy, then put on any jacket or coat that you like before buttoning everything back up again.
  • Convertible collars provide both warmth for the winter and freedom of movement when the weather warms up again.
  • These collars were originally popularized by British royalty, but now you can find them both in casual businesswear shirts and formal attire like tuxedos.
  • Men’s coats at that time used to be so large and high-collared they needed a scarf around their neck too! So these small collars came into use because not everyone could afford such expensive clothing or wanted something as formal.

The three most popular types of collars are the roll-collar, stand collar, and flat collar.

  • The stand collar is a vital fashion element in men’s clothing and can be used to create an elegant, formal appearance. This style of wardrobe staple has been popular for centuries because it looks great on any man who wears the correct size without being too tight or loose around his neckline. It has two parts. The first part stands up from the line and then folds over itself, while another part on top blends in with it so you can’t tell which one starts where.
  • A rolled collar is attached to the neckline with a band and determines how much, if at all, it will roll over.
  • Flat collars are perfect for a professional look that is still fashionable. They have the same crisp neckline as your shirt, so you can pair them with anything! The “old school” look has been replaced by something more formal to usher you into your next promotion!

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