What is Distressed Leather?

Distressed leather is a material that has been treated to give it an imperfect and aged look. It is often used on furniture, bags, jackets, shoes and wallets for a casual appearance. The term “distressed” comes from the process of distressing the surface of an item by scratching or etching away its finish in order to reveal layers beneath.

The term “leather” refers specifically to animal skin that has been tanned and processed into soft hides or stiffer boards as part of manufacturing processes. Distressed leather is produced through sanding, scraping, waxing or staining with dyes which color the outermost layer while leaving natural tones below visible.

There are many colors and textures of distress leather to choose from, with the most popular being dark browns. Darker shades emphasize a natural appearance while lighter ones show off layers below the surface.

This type of material is often used as an alternative for more luxurious materials such as suede or velvet because it can be produced quickly and economically.

Distressed leather is an interesting way to create a desired affect. From aged-looking accessories for the fashion forward, or that new couch feel without sacrificing quality, distressed leather can get you there with ease and finesse. Leather may be distressed to make it more supple, but many people find the aged look of leather appealing. A jacket can be made softer by aging them with one or all three distressing methods: nicks and scratches, a light wash that darkens the color in places while leaving other areas untouched. A process known as “boiling,” which leaves some parts of clothing slightly darker than others, is also used to soften jackets. With furniture, it is possible to distress pieces in order to create a welcoming appearance.

After years of wear, even the most stylish leather clothing starts to show its age. While it is possible for a do-it-yourselfer to take up this task at home using various alcohols and scrapers in an attempt create that worn look on their own, there are also companies providing pre-distressed clothing as well if you want more variety or just don’t have time. The process usually involves coating the material with thin layers of some type of alcohol followed by rubbing in all sorts contours which can be achieved through different techniques like bleach baths and scraping done randomly across areas with lighteners applied afterwards so they stand out against otherwise dark colors if desired.

The idea of distress leather products to make them more visually appealing is not a new one. For this reason, vendors can charge a higher price for distressed items over those in perfect condition. However, consumers who want to save money should consider buying the tools and materials needed to distress their own product at home!

Distressing leather clothes is not just for jackets and pants. Leather furniture also needs to be distressed, preferably with a professional approach so your property doesn’t get damaged in the process.

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