What is a Garter Toss?

A garter toss is a tradition that has been around for centuries. A bride’s maids will remove the bride’s garter from her leg and throw it to the men watching at the wedding reception in order to see who can catch it. The man who catches the garter must place it on his head or he may give someone else a chance by tossing it back into the crowd of people. This blog post talks about how this tradition came about, what is involved in throwing and catching one, as well as some other fun facts!

A garter toss is the tradition of throwing away or tossing aside an article of clothing that has been worn by someone who just got married. In this case, we are talking about taking off the bride’s wedding veil to throw it into the crowd. The groom will usually do this while saying “I now present you with my most precious possession – MY WIFE!”. However, there are other ways to play out a traditional garter toss as well. One way would be for all men in attendance at a wedding reception to try and catch the bride’s maids’ throws from her leg after they remove her tattered old garter. The man who catches the garter will then congratulate himself and place it on his head or allow someone else to take a turn catching one.

The garter toss is often the last ritual of a wedding. The bride will sit in a chair while her groom removes it, and then everyone stands around to watch as he waves it over his head with all the single men coming forward to chase after him!

Every couple has their own way of removing the garter and showing it off to one another. Some people find a more discreet, traditional route while other couples try something different that is less formalized. The groom may remove the garter with his teeth or reach up under her dress for a sneak attack if she hands him hers as well!

In some cultures, a bride may wear two garters. One of the options is to have one garter in place and another close by for easy removal at any time during her reception as she mingles with guests or dances with friends. The groom will turn around so that his back faces what could be an amenable partner-in-crime who catches the tossed garter while he tenses up waiting for it to fly through the air toward him -and if not then again!

It’s important to have a photographer on the day of your wedding. They’ll be there for all those precious moments, and they’re also good with people who don’t take pictures well! You might want them around when you throw that bouquet or tie up that garter as well – it is an eventful time after all. The photographer will probably ask for a few photos with the bride and groom, along with the man who caught the bouquet or garter if it’s being tossed at their wedding. Weddings are great opportunities in general; make sure we get some shots together so I can remember this moment forever!

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