What is Microfleece?

Microfleece is a type of fabric that has become popular in the last few years. It’s usually used for clothing, but it also can be found as insulation on chairs and other furniture. Microfleece is made from synthetic fibers with a low density; this makes the material both soft and warm! The material works by trapping air between its fibers, which means that when you wear it or use it as an insulator your body heat will stay trapped inside and keep you warm.

If you enjoy the feeling of wool, then microfleece would be an excellent alternative. This flexible fabric is great for clothing and blankets alike! It also comes in four different thicknesses: Micro- being the thinnest and most flexible; followed by 100, 200 or 300 weight fleece depending on your needs.

If you’ve ever been allergic to wool before with a sensitive skin type too bad for you because there’s now a solution that will suit your style without sacrificing comfortability–microfleece has taken over where other fabrics have fallen short.

Benefits of microfleece

Here are the benefits of microfleece:

It’s light and breathable, so it won’t make you sweat when worn. It also has natural wicking properties that will pull moisture away from your skin. This means less chance for bacteria growth or body odor because liquid is not getting trapped inside the fabric!

Anotehr benefit of microfleece is that it’s also easy to care for. You can wash in the washing machine or hand-wash your clothing items and pat them dry with a towel.

One of the best features about microfleece is that it’s machine washable! All you have to do is throw your clothing items in a gentle cycle with cold water on delicate or wool or hand-wash mode. Then tumble dry at low heat for maximum softness.

So, should you wear microfleece this winter?

The answer is yes! Microfleece will help keep you warm throughout the colder months because of its ability to trap air through low density fibers and natural wicking properties. It’s also soft, light weight, and breathable so wearing it won’t make you sweat like other materials would!

What are some ways you could incorporate microfleece into your wardrobe? Turtlenecks are an excellent option during cooler weather; they’ll keep your neck warm while leaving plenty of room on top for layering. You can also try wearing a pair of jeans with the legs cut off and called “cropped” to create a comfortable, breathable pant leg that won’t restrict movement or contribute additional weight onto your hips when worn throughout the day.

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