What is Peached Fabric?

Peached fabric is a type of fabric that has been sanitized and pre-shrunk. This process makes it great for any kind of clothing. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of peached fabrics when creating your own line of clothes as well as some common misconceptions about the product.

  • Peached fabrics are pre-shrunk. With the help of a chemical process, clothes made with peached fabric will shrink to the size you need for your line.
  • This type of clothing is odor resistant and it doesn’t matter if someone spills food or drinks on them because they can be washed easily in cold water with detergent.
  • A major misconception about this type of fabric is that its rough texture makes it uncomfortable and not good for clothing lines. Peached fabric actually has a very soft hand-feel so all types of people would enjoy wearing materials made from this product.

Peached fabric is a type of pre-shrunk, odor resistant material that can be used to create all types of clothes. It has a soft hand feel so it’s comfortable for everyone to wear and you don’t have to worry about spills or odors ruining your clothing line because peached fabrics are easy to wash.

The softness and durability of peached fabric make it a popular choice for casual household textiles. You can find it in tablecloths, napkins, bedding and more!

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