What is a Raglan Sleeve?

Raglan sleeves are a style of sleeve that is shaped to fit the arm rather than just being straight and loose. They also have a hem-less design, meaning there is no bottom edge on the sleeve. The name “raglan” comes from an Irish family coat of arms which features a shield with three banners hanging down one side (called raglans).

A raglan sleeve is often seen in sportswear and sweaters. This type of construction stands out from the traditional shirt sleeves because it has a seam that goes straight across, starting at the underarm to right underneath your neckline.

In the modern world, many people are looking for comfortable clothing that they can move around in without restrictions. A raglan sleeve shirt is a great option because it’s only one piece and has no shoulder seam to get caught on anything else you’re wearing.

The raglan sleeve design is a popular choice for t-shirts due to it’s casual vibe. These sleeves can come in different colors and give the shirt more visual interest. Shirts with short or three-quarter sleeves are often made this way, and the fabric for the cuff could even have its own color! A unique look can also be achieved by using different colors of cloth in each part of the top: front side piece, backside piece, and cuffs.

This type of sleeve is a popular design in clothing because it’s simple to sew, requires less stitching and time than the standard sleeves. The raglan sleeve is a favorite of fashion designers, knitters and crocheters because it’s simple design makes for quick stitching.

When you are looking for a new jacket, it is important to consider the type of sleeves that it has. Raglan sleeve jackets provide more room in order to move about freely and easily without feeling uncomfortable while wearing bulky sweaters or layered clothing underneath. This style can be found on letterman jackets which also have an additional space under the arm so as not to restrict movement there either like some other styles do. From letterman jackets and blazers all the way down to winter coats, this type of shoulder is common because it provides more mobility at your arms without compromising style or comfort.

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