What is a Raincoat? Different Types of Raincoats

A raincoat is an outer garment designed to protect the wearer from rain. They are typically made of rubberized fabric or plastic, but some models may also include a hood and drawstring waist for added protection. A raincoat can be worn over other clothing in order to keep you dry, and they come in different styles depending on your needs.

Some raincoats may have a hood or drawstring waist, and they can be worn over other clothing. Some coats are made from heavy-duty fabric that is waterproof but not breathable, while others include water repellent materials to help with the wetness.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear R105M .35 MM PVC Trench Coat

This Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear PVC trench coat is perfect for adventures in the rain. This raincoat features a storm front with double fly snap, detachable hood, and heavy duty waterproof design. It can be worn over your clothing and has an adjustable drawstring waistband. The length of this item is 48 inches from shoulder to hemline. One size fits most customers regardless of their gender or height because it accommodates individuals who are 6′ 4″ to 5’6″.

Benefits of Raincoats

A raincoat’s main job is to protect the wearer from moisture and an unexpected downpour. In addition, they are lightweight which makes them very convenient for storing when not in use – especially if you live somewhere with a humid climate like Florida or Louisiana! They also come in all shapes and sizes so there’s one that will perfectly suit your needs.

Downfalls of Raincoats: A raincoat is not intended to keep the wearer warm so it’s important to have an extra layer on underneath when it starts getting colder. Some coats may be too tight for some people, or they might make you sweat more because they don’t breathe as well. Another downside is that if a waterproof coat gets sand in one spot and then pours down your back – ouch!

Types of Raincoats

There are different types of raincoats and each type has its own special use.

  • A slicker is typically worn with boots for dirty work in wet weather.
  • An oilskin coat is made from heavy-duty waterproof fabric like rubberized cotton and should be used while fishing or doing outdoor chores in extreme weather conditions.
  • A trench coat on the other hand can be worn casually during any kind of precipitation to provide protection against wind and light drizzle but may not be appropriate when it’s pouring outside.
  • A rainsuit is a piece of clothing designed to be worn when it’s raining heavily or during an extreme weather condition.
  • An umbrella coat has sleeves and can be opened up for protection from the rain, but doesn’t offer as much protection against wind than some of the other options listed here.

Raincoats come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs! Consider what you’ll need them most for before purchasing one so that you don’t end up with something that won’t suit your personal preferences or lifestyle. There are many types of coats out there, each being made specifically for different uses and environments – take time to find the right jacket to best fit your individual specifications!

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