What are Skorts?

Skorts are the latest trend in women’s activewear. A skort is a skirt that has shorts or pants on the bottom. Skirts and shorts together, in one piece! This means you can wear your outfit and still be protected from mosquitos or sunburns. And it also reduces the risk of chaffing when you have to run around during a game. They come in many different styles, colors, fabrics, and lengths so they will work for all body types (from short to tall). In this blog post we will explore what makes skorts such a great option for summertime activities like golfing, hiking, biking….

e.g.: RBX Active Women’s Golf/Tennis Everyday Casual Athletic Skort

The RBX Active Women’s Golf/Tendon Casual Skort is your perfect answer for versatile and fashionable activewear. From the tennis court to the golf course, our skort has you covered with a wide waistband that not only gives this skirt added comfort, but additional coverage while playing any sport. The attached 4″ inseam hiker short provides ultimate coverage so there are no squirm-worthy moments when bending or stretching on the field. Two side pockets allow for convenient storage of your essentials throughout the day (i.e., wallet, earbuds) while the small compression pocket on backside fits most cell phones. 92% Polyester 8% Spandex offers both durability and breathability ensuring a comfortable fit.

With the help of a recent survey, I have found that there are two types of skorts popular today. The first has clothing covering up to the top part which resembles shorts from behind and is not too different in any other way than regular skirts or pants as well. This type can be spotted on swimsuit bottoms sometimes during tennis matches or simply while shopping at your local store for clothes!

The second type of skort looks much more like a short from back and front, but it also includes an additional layer or another pair of shorts to give you added coverage. If you’re looking for something flattering, this might be your go-to item!The skort’s skirt fabric is purely for show, while the short coverage underneath ensures that great activity won’t accidentally reveal any undergarments.

Some people may refer to any wide-legged short as a “skort,” but there are plenty more styles where they look closer enough like skirts than pants so we recommend calling them culottes instead. Sometimes people call these styles ‘skirts’ even though skorts is more accurate since there’s usually not too much fabric in these types of shorts for them to appear any other way than just what they really are–shorts!

Skorts are a great way for women to stay effortlessly fashionable. With the skort, you get all of the benefits that shorts offer with an added layer! Skorts are popular among many women for their ease and freedom, as well as the fact that they reveal less of your figure than do shorts. The skirt can hide any perceived figure faults and ensures your dress is always looking fresh at work or on-the-go. You also don’t have to worry about dragging it up when sitting down in order to avoid awkward exposure because there’s no hemline waiting around below seat level like its shorter counterpart.