What are Skully Hats?

Skully hats are a type of hat that is made out of stiff felt. They have a cylindrical crown and flat brim, which can be turned up or down in different styles. The name “skullies” comes from the way they resembled skulls when turned up with no brim.

The most popular way to stay warm during the cold winter months is with a good hat. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or just shoveling your driveway on an icy day in January, make sure you have one of these cute little skull caps! It won’t only keep your head and ears nice and cozy but will also match any outfit for that professional look – whether it’s jeans & hoodie or pantsuit.

Skullies are worn for many different purposes: some people wear them to protect their heads against sun or rain; others wear them as part of formal dress (think tuxedo); and still others wear them to make themselves feel more powerful than usual!

Skully hats are worn by both men and women, but they were first invented in the late 1200s and 1300s for men (although popularized more recently). They have become an essential accessory to any individual’s wardrobe.

Skully hats have seen an upswing in popularity since the 1990s, and they are now worn by fashionistas from all walks of life. Skully hats come with a variety of materials that allow for quick absorption of sweat to avoid discomfort while wearing it. These hats have been around for a long time and made of chunky wool. They are primarily designed to keep body heat trapped instead of looking fancy.

Skully hats became popular in urban skateboarding during the 1990s, They started calling the caps “beanies” and, like many other street slang terms, this shortened word took off among youths up for grabs to find a new means of expression in times when they weren’t able to have that chance due to circumstances such as their environment or education level.

Skateboarders, whether they be professionals or the next generation of skaters, don’t just wear beanies to keep their head warm. They also need a way to show off who made them and how much work went into making it what it is today. A brand’s logo can make all the difference in whether a hat fits with your board colorways – as shown by skate shoe brands that sell matching hats for you!

The rapper’s choices in head wear quickly became the latest fashion trend. Young urbanites were drawn to them for their emotional and symbolic weight, but also because they have a utilitarian function. Beanies are worn out of necessity during cold weather, or as an accessory when it is too hot outside – both seasons that can be tough on people living without reliable shelter from the elements like many young minority communities do today.


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