What are Tailored Shorts?

The word “tailored” may bring to mind a tailored suit, which is fitting given the similarity between tailoring and tailoring shorts. Tailored shorts are not just about being well-dressed, but they also convey an aura of refinement that is perfect for business professionals.

They are versatile enough to wear with a dress shirt or blouse at work, but can also be worn as part of more casual attire for those who want to look good while still feeling comfortable on the weekends. The key thing you should know when looking for tailored shorts is that it’s best not to go too short as this can lead to chaffing and discomfort from sitting down.

Women’s Tailored Shorts

Women’s tailored shorts come in a variety of options for those who want to keep their wardrobe on point. From just below the knee frays and cuffs, all the way down to 1 inch cuts or even no cuff at all you can find your perfect fit with these versatile bottoms that are usually lined but unline if desired!

Women’s tailored shorts can come in a variety of colors. They may be muted or bright, and have pockets, drawstrings, zippers and more! The perfect pair should go well with the current trend for spring/summer style; long shirts paired with thick stockings are popular this season. You may not think twice about these shorts, but when it’s cold out they can be worn as a chic winter style. Pair them with tights and a blazer for the office or keep your look light by going without sleeves!

Men’s Tailored Shorts

Men’s shorts are generally considered casual and not worn in business or work situations. They’re dressier than gym shorts, which are loose fitting and often made of flexible material. The cuff is optional depending on the fabric you choose from denim, cotton, twill linen for example.

If you’re an active person who needs to be able to move around while on the job, it can get really hot wearing long pants – especially if your company allows tailored shorts as part of its corporate attire. That’s why delivery truck drivers, postal workers and fitness instructors often choose this type of clothing over a dress or skirt for their professional wear. If you work in someplace where there are lots of tourists outdoors like at cafes that serve outdoor food vendors then being dressed appropriately is super important!

We all know that when people are out delivering mail, working on a fitness floor or teaching others how to stay fit, they’re going to get hot during the day – so it’s important for these individuals wearing tailored shorts at work because it will keep them cool all throughout the day as well as help maintain appropriate attire.


If you are looking for a new pair of shorts, but don’t want to spend the money on something that will only last one season or be out-of-style next year then get ready made tailored shorts altered by your tailor. These short can have any style and fabric as well color so they won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

An alternate type of tailored shorts is simply any pair of fitted pants which have been adjusted at the waistline in order to fit properly against ones body shape without pinching anywhere around it’s edges nor gaping between where legs meet thighs. This alteration may also include hemming an inch or two off from bottom halves while leaving all other areas untouched if desired, making them perfect length no matter what type of shoe you wear.

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