What is a Tennis Skirt?

The tennis skirt is a type of women’s dress that was first worn on the court. It has been a popular fashion accessory in recent years, and can be seen on both courts and red carpets alike. The skirts are generally made of either stretchy fabric or thin cotton material that is easy to maintain and washable, as well as comfortable for everyday wear. They can come in all different colors, from black to light blue, but are most often found in white with pastel pink accents. This article will discuss the history of the tennis skirt, its popularity today, how it came into being and what it looks like!

Finding the perfect tennis skirt can be tricky, since there are so many different styles and fabrics to choose from. Lightweight breathable material is preferred by most women due to its comfort during a long match or exercise routine as well as an appealing look while playing or exercising. Pleats allow for movement of certain areas that may experience discomfort if they were not able too move with you like your waistband does on some skirts but pleating also serves the purpose of creating an attractive design when wearing it in public which appeals to others who play/watch tennis matches such as myself sometimes do! Elastic waists are always helpful especially because they provide more flexibility than other options combined with their comfortable fit no matter what size range one falls into- I find this very convenient when buying clothes in foreign sizes because it’s one less worry.

A tennis skirt is a type of garment that was traditionally worn on the court and usually tailored to allow for comfortable movement. In recent times, however, they have become popular as fashion accessories in addition to their original use during sporting activities or daily wear. Designer pieces from many different designers often utilize this item when crafting new designs; some trendy skirts will even be made out of leather!

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Pleated Tennis Skirts for Women

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These pleated tennis skirts are not only fitted to your body, but they have room for anything you need! These long, flowy skirts never bunched up no matter how much running you do because of their ballet style elastic. A 3-way pocket is part of this women’s skirt with shorts that can be up on the leg or in the back waistband – take a look!

A high waist comfort fit skort with great flowing and beautiful appearance for an active lifestyle. This pleated tennis skirt is durable, water repellent and shock absorbent. It offers a wonderful feeling unlike any other kind of athletic wear while you work towards your fitness goals. With 3 pockets to store everything in, it combines many functions into one piece so that anytime, anywhere you are able to stay on top of certain things without forgetting anything important.


The tennis skirt was first worn in the late 1800s, when British women adopted it as their new dress. It quickly became popular with American women and it gained traction on the courts because of how comfortable and easy to move around in it is! Women would wear them over leggings made out of wool or cotton material that they could easily wash and maintain. The skirts were often made of cotton, wool or linen for a more comfortable play on the courts. As women began to take up tennis as their new sport, they would wear long-sleeved blouses with thick cuffs for arm protection over their skirt.

Today’s tennis skirts are mostly seen in white with accents of various pastel colors like pink, purple, blue and yellow! They can also be found in black if you want something more stylish instead of playful. These days there is less emphasis placed on the comfort factor when it comes to these skirts because most people use them strictly as an accessory or fashion statement rather than playing sports in them–but don’t worry! You’ll still feel great wearing one!

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