What is a Water Bra?

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy on finding the perfect bra. The right fit? Check! Supportive underwire? Check! Decent looking straps that don’t show through your shirt? Umm…check! But then there’s another problem: You can’t wear any low-cut shirts because your bra will show. This is where the water bra comes in handy.

What exactly is a water bra, you ask? It’s basically just like it sounds–a padded sports bra with cups made out of neoprene to keep them from bouncing around when they are wet or sweaty. They come in different styles for different shapes and sizes, so there should be one to suit you!

The water bra is a wearable essential for any woman who wants to stay dry and confident while exercising, running errands or just having an everyday active life. The best part? You can wear them with anything–low-cut shirts included!–and they’re available at many retailers now.

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Who says a water bra can’t be fun? The gel-filled cups in these bras are designed to look natural and proportional. Old fashioned, pointy bullet bras from the 1940’s through 1950s were not only uncomfortable but made breasts appear as two pointed cones poking out at all angles.

In a water bra, the gel filled cups make your boobs more proportional by giving them a rounder shape that is both comfortable and appealing!

The water bra has been popular since the late 20th century, and is now more popular than ever. Though originally filled with a gel rather than actual water, it’s still not always considered safe to wear this novel garment due to its small teardrop-shaped bag that curves naturally over your breasts – or even larger bags which are sometimes sewn into the cups of bras themselves. Some manufacturers argue against filling an entire cup as they say there’s too much risk for puncture wounds if you should happen to spill some liquid on yourself!

Recently, a new trend has been catching on among women. Removable water-filled pads are being sold to enhance cleavage and even be worn with other bras without the use of underwire or straps! These ‘chicken cutlets’ or ‘chicken fillets,’ as they’re sometimes called, can either stay in place between your breasts while you wear them or taken out if desired.

The importance of fitting a bra correctly is often overlooked, but an improper fit can have negative effects. When worn properly, water bras like other bras enhance cleavage and make the wearer feel sexier; however if it’s too tight or loose around the chest area then this will flatten out your breasts which in turn minimizes their appearance.

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