What are the Different Types of Bonnets?

Bonnets are a type of headgear, typically worn by women and girls. The word itself is derived from the French Bonton, meaning “little hood”. They come in many styles and with different purposes; some bonnets cover only the ears or hair while others extend down to the neck and shoulders. This article will explore all of these different types of bonnets so stay tuned!

Some people say that wearing a bonnet makes them look like their grandmothers but they don’t have to be old-fashioned at all! There are many different styles which you can see below: winter, sun, sleep, and all-purpose. Take a look at what’s available today for yourself or your loved one!

What are the Different Types of Bonnets?

Different Types of Bonnets

Sleep bonnet

A sleep bonnet is a close-fitting head covering made of soft material that is tied under the chin. Typically, it is used by people who wear wigs or toupees when they are sleeping. This type of bonnet provides warmth and helps to keep wigs from becoming disheveled during the night. It also protects against damage caused by nighttime frizzing or tangling, which can occur when curly hair gets wet while one sleeps.


A sunbonnet is a wide-brimmed style of bonnet with large ties for fastening about the chin. It typically extends down the back of the neck to provide protection against overexposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, but may cover other parts of the body such as the front of the neck and face. They are made from light-weight material such as cotton, muslin or other breathable fabric. This type of bonnet is usually tied under the chin with a sunhat underneath, which provides protection to the crown of the head.

Winter bonnet

A winter bonnet is typically made of fur and offers extra warmth during cold weather. These types of bonnets may be lined with materials such as silk, wool or velvet to add heat retention and cushioning for comfort. They come in an array of shapes and styles, including: pointy or peaked caps, flat caps and lace caps. Some people even wear them when they’re sick!  Although these types of bonnets can look great on certain people, they may not be for everyone.

All-purpose bonnet

A versatile or all-purpose bonnet is one that can be worn in many different situations and it comes with several uses. All-purpose bonnets typically come as a set of three: a regular bonnet, scarf and gloves. This type of headgear protects the face from cold weather, dust and sun exposure. It also provides warmth during times of illness to protect against loss of body heat due to fever or respiratory disorders such as pneumonia or whooping cough.


Bonnets are a great accessory to have because they keep hair out the way while still looking stylish! You can find these types of bonnets at any department store across America today. Bonnets are usually made from cotton materials that are breathable, so your head doesn’t overheat. They are also made to protect the ears from getting cold in the wintertime.

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