What is a Fur Stole?

A fur stole is a type of garment that covers the neck, shoulders and upper back. Fur stoles are typically used as a fashion statement more than anything.

What is a Fur Stole?

Originally, fur stoles were made from wild animal pelts-often those of bears or other large mammals. Today they are often created from faux fur which has been dyed to resemble real fur.

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The term “stole” comes from an ancient word meaning “to cover”. In medieval times, church leaders would wear robes with long scarves draped across their bodies as a sign of authority and privilege. As time went on, these elegant garments became symbols not only for spiritual status but also for nobility and wealth.

A fur stole is normally worn around the neck, and may be used as an alternative to a scarf. While fur stoles are typically worn over the shoulders by both men and women, they can also be draped around the waist or even across the entire torso like a cape.

The fashion for wearing fur evolved from practicality; due to being so cold most of the year, long full-length coats were impractical, so it was easier to carry smaller pelts which could later be attached together to form one garment.

Fur is still popular today among celebrities, royalty, socialites, fashionistas etc., especially during winter time as it is a stylish way to keep warm. The demand for high-quality furs has continued to increase dramatically over recent years, which can be attributed to growing interest from Russia and China.

How is Fur Stole Made?

In the past, both wild animals and animals raised by farmers were slaughtered for their furs. Today, most of the fur comes from animals killed in traps – a practice which has been criticized by animal-rights organizations as being extremely cruel to animals.

In order to transform animal pelts into stunning garments, highly skilled craftspeople hand-stitch together individual pelts to create the desired shapes and styles. A skilled furrier can take one long pelt, cut off all of the animal’s hairs, then sew it back up with an inside lining to form a coat.

The inside of the garment is almost always lined with some type of fabric so that the wearer doesn’t have direct skin contact with animal hair or fur. Furriers are able to dye pelts in various colors so they resemble stunning examples of faux fur. Stoles are often made from more than just one pelt – several layers may be used which gives the garment more thickness and fullness.

Artisans have been creating luxurious furs since ancient times; however, fur stoles did not become popular until the early 1800s when Queen Victoria appropriated them as a formal element of British court dress. European aristocracy quickly followed Queen Victoria’s example, and fur stoles became emblematic of wealth and power for royals in Europe.

Today there are many different types of fur available for use in fashion design including rabbit, fox, mink, seal and coyote among others. In addition to being used to create full-length coats and jackets, fur pelt strips can also be attached together to form large decorative patterns or abstract designs on winter garments such as gloves, shoes, hats etc., which allow the wearer an element of variety throughout their outfit.

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