What is Alternative Fashion?

Alternative Fashion is a term that encompasses many styles of clothing. It includes everything from punk to goth and grunge, or even hipster style for the more contemporary crowd. There are many different ideas about what constitutes ‘alternative fashion,’ but it all falls under the general category of “non-mainstream.” This blog post will explore some of these styles and offer some tips on how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe!

Some Types in Alternative Fashion

Alivila.Y Fashion Womens Gothic Steampunk Skirt Asymmetrical High Low Dress
Alivila.Y Fashion Womens Gothic Steampunk Skirt Asymmetrical High Low Dress

Punk: punk fashion is known for its loud and rebellious tones, such as tartan plaids or leopard print. Pair these with combat boots and a leather jacket to get the most authentic look possible!

Goth: goth style has been around since the 1970’s. It uses dark colors like black, grey, purple, or navy blue to create a moody and macabre look.

Grunge: grunge was made popular in the 90’s after rock bands became famous for their dark, heavy sound. It incorporates similar colors as goth but is much more free-flowing.

Hipster: hipsters are all about making weird outfits work by either wearing them ironically or mixing styles together that don’t seem to go well with each other on paper. You can take inspiration from new indie music artists who are known for this kind of style!

Emo: emo fashion is all about tight black skinny jeans that hang low on the hips, a band t-shirt with short sleeves and cardigans for layering.

Some Tips to Wear Alternate Fashion

These are all great tips when exploring alternative fashion styles as well as incorporating them into your wardrobe!

  • Try out something new every day.
  • Get creative with what you wear! If you’re the type of person who wears suits to work, make a rule for yourself that one day each week will be “crazy dressing” day – this way it won’t feel like such an undertaking and you’ll have fun trying things on in your closet or at stores.
  • If you’re not sure if a trend is right for your body type, try it out anyways- even if just once. You might surprise yourself by liking how different clothes can look on someone else’s frame!

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