What is a Crewneck?

A crewneck sweater is a piece of clothing that has a round neckline and no sleeves. The word “crewneck” is derived from the term “crew,” which means to pull tight, as in pulling together two ends of cloth. A crewneck sweater’s design makes it an ideal choice for people who are looking for something warm that covers their upper body without being too restrictive or uncomfortable.

You’ll find crewneck sweaters and shirts that are perfect for the office. The fabric is ribbed, with a round neckline to fit around your base of your neck comfortably without any distractions. With so many different colors available in this style, you can be sure there’s one for every occasion! Crewnecks are also known as crew necks, but they may not always have the same ribbed neckline like those necklines found on bikinis or tank tops. The fabric does need to fit around your base of the wearer’s neck, so it usually has some kind of round shape in order to do this comfortably!

Gildan Men’s Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

Gildan Men’s Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt: this pull-over style has a dropped shoulder, which is great for acheiving that classic, relaxed look. Made of a thicker fabric than traditional fleece hoodies, it is designed to last and withstand the long hours at work with you or tooling around town on your days off. This shirt also features rib cuffs at the bottom hem and bands for comfort – these snug details provide that extra stretch made to keep up as you move throughout your day. The interior offers a smooth sensation from a cotton blend so comfortable you’ll want one in every color!

The crewneck sweater had been common for men to wear such sweaters during sporting events or while out and about before then, but this is when it became part of mainstream fashion.

Crewneck sweaters are available in many different colors, styles and materials including wool, cotton acrylic blends or pure cashmere which can be worn year round depending on what kind you’re wearing. They may also have turtlenecks that extend up from the neckline to make them more suitable for colder climates than they would be otherwise.

A crewneck shirt is one of the most popular ways to dress for work. This type of button-up shirt features a round neckline, which means that it typically sits just below your collarbone and has short sleeves or shoulder straps that come down about halfway up each arm. There are many variations on this style; some have collars while others do not, but they all share the same rectangular shape with buttons running from top-to bottom along either side rather than across an open front like you might find in other shirts such as polo tops.

A few different types include Henley shirts (a round neck line without any closure), mock necks (which extend higher around your throat at roughly where turtlenecks would sit), and turtle necks (which have a high neckline that completely covers your throat).

Crewnecks are a great go-to piece because they can be worn by both men and women with varying body types. To make sure that your crewneck fits properly, it needs to fit around the neck without being too tight or too loose. Ribbing in all of our garments help to give you a more comfortable fit!

Hats off to the crewneck, an unassuming workhorse of a shirt. It can be layered with another type of attire such as v-necks or sweaters at different times and moods without looking too overdone for either situation! Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat with friends or meeting up for an important presentation, the right dress code can make all the difference. Keep it casual in cotton shirts and Henleys while wearing wool tees when you need something more professional.

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