What are Culottes?

Culottes are a fashion trend that has been around for several years, but they seem to be coming back into style now. Culottes are basically trousers that stop somewhere between the knee and ankle. They have a wide leg opening that makes them loose fitting and comfortable.

Culottes are a fashion craze that has taken over our nation. They consist of full-length, flowing pants until the wearer engages in vigorous physical activity and looks just like she’s wearing a skirt! Culottes are a breezy style of skirt that is perfect for when it’s warm outside. They come in different lengths and can be worn with anything from sneakers to heels! The shorter version is a skort, stylish and practical in equal measure. It’s been said that many active women who wear modest clothing for religious reasons opt for culottes as they allow the wearer to move freely without risking exposure of certain body parts.

Some consumers are confused about what culottes and skorts actually mean. Culottes have a shorter skirt than jeans, while the shorts in a skort extend below the waistline of its longer hem skirt like they would without any other skirts attached to them. Culottes are easy to make, and come in a variety of designs. Many have pleats or gathers for visual interest–they’re great as sewing projects!

Girls, your legs are precious and they deserve to be properly dressed. This is why you need culottes! They’re the perfect athletic wear for girls on-the-go who want a more modest look while still being able to move freely without exposing yourself in any way whatsoever. And it’s not just their modesty that makes these so great – they also keep you cool during warm weather because of how airy & lightweight the fabric is!


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Some Tips to Wear Culottes

  • Culottes should be worn with a top that has some sort of detail or pattern on it like ikat, embroidery, ruffles, lace etc. This way the culottes will not look plain and boring! Basic T shirts can also work if you want to wear them as an outfit without any other accessories.
  • Wear culottes with sandals for a casual look.
  • If you want to wear them as work out clothes, then make sure they’re not too tight and that the length is in accordance with your height on top of anything else.
  • Pairing culottes with heels can make it easier for women who are short or have shorter legs to appear longer – remember this!

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