Different Types of Running Pants

Running is a great exercise for the body, but it can also be a thorn in your side if you find yourself constantly pulling up your pants or dealing with annoying chafing. Here are some of the most common types of running pants out there and their advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose what’s best for you!

Different Types of Running Pants

Different Types of Running Pants

  • Sweatpants: Low price, lots of room for your legs to move around in but tend to stretch or have elastic bands that dig into your skin
  • Shorts: Higher prices but better quality materials and a more appropriate length for running
  • High-waisted pants/capris/tights: Higher prices as well and tend to be better quality than the other types of running pants listed
  • Spandex/silk: Extremely thin material that looks sleek but is often expensive
  • Yoga pants: Least common type because they’re really thin and would not be conducive to running in, but they may provide warmth during colder months so they’re worth trying out!

The most popular type is sweatpants, which are low-priced but offer lots of room to move around. However, they often have elastic bands at the waist that tend to dig into your skin as they stretch over time.

You may want to try shorts, capris, or tights instead. These typically come at higher prices because they’re manufactured from more expensive materials like spandex and nylon. They’re more appropriate for running and tend to fit better than sweatpants. They also often have pockets on them that you can put your keys or cards in, which is convenient.

These are usually the highest-priced of all three types of pants because they’re made from an extremely thin material like polyester or silk due to their sleek appearance as opposed to looking thick and bulky like other workout wear does. They’re more appropriate for shorter distances but can be used for longer ones as well if you pair them with a shirt, like a sports bra, underneath them.

They may come with built-in yoga mats or resemble spandex shorts that allow more flexibility and comfort. However, the downside to this is that they can be more expensive than most types of pants.

These are the least common type because they’re really thin and you wouldn’t think they would be very conducive to running in. However, many runners find these best for wearing during cold months where their shorts or tights might not provide enough warmth so it’s worth trying them out!

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