What is Outlet Shopping? How to Find Outlets

Outlet shopping is a term that applies to the act of visiting stores that sell high-end clothing. These stores are typically located near an outlet mall or factory store and offer discounted prices on these items. Buyers should be aware that the quality of the clothing may not be as good as it was at the retail store, but you can save up to 50% or more by purchasing these clothes.

What is Outlet Shopping?

Why Should I Shop At The Outlets?

If there’s one thing any budget-conscious shopper hates, it’s sales tax. That’s right, outlet stores have no sales tax, so if the retail store you’re shopping at is located in a state that charges a hefty sales tax, then this might be a good time to save big bucks. In addition, many of these outlets offer discounts on their clothing and provide coupons for further savings.

It’s important to note however that the quality of the products may not be as high as those available online or at retail stores. You can typically expect these items to be brand new but they will likely only have slight flaws such as small stains, holes, or broken zippers.

These flaws tend to go unnoticed due to the discount pricing though and it often doesn’t make any difference because you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money depending on the item you buy.

How Can I Find Outlet Shopping?

There are plenty of ways to find information about these sorts of stores and items and we’ll provide you with some helpful hints so that you can go shopping smart:

Check online forums – For instance, there’s one called FatWallet, which offers discussion boards in addition to coupon codes for outlet shopping. You can also look at blogs or ask friends who have gone outlet shopping before for more details.

Contact the retail store directly – Many retail stores have outlets in them where they sell products in-store that are sold elsewhere at an outlet. They’re making money when people go into their store anyway, so unless you’re purchasing an item that’s available online or at another store it might be worth your time to check out what they have to offer.

Check for outlet malls in your area – The easiest way is to simply Google “outlet mall near (insert city)” and you’ll get information about stores like these located around the city. These open-air markets usually contain dozens of shops, restaurants, bars, and other services that are located in one place. If you’re looking for a good meal while shopping then this is definitely the place to go because many of these outlets sell food as well (and even alcohol if it’s 21+).

Look up coupon codes before shopping – We’ve already mentioned FatWallet, but there are also other sites that have been developed specifically for these sorts of shopping sprees. In addition to coupons, you’ll typically find information about sales and clearance items as well so it’s always a good idea to check out these sites before heading off to your nearest outlet mall.

Consider going during the week – Many people avoid going to outlets on weekends because they’re usually packed with shoppers. You can save a lot of money by visiting them on weekdays though since not that many people venture into the stores until Thursday or Friday anyhow. Outlet malls tend to be small and crowded, so if you want more elbow room this may be the best time for you to go shopping!

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