Double Navel Piercing

Everybody has their own opinion about what’s sexy. For some, it might be the way a woman wears her hair or how she dresses. It could even be something as simple as lipstick color. But for others, there is nothing sexier than piercings — double navel piercings to be more specific! If you’ve been considering getting a piercing of your own, then this guide will give you everything that you need to know before going through with the procedure.

The perfect accessory for those daring enough to explore and show off their midriff. A Double Navel Piercing is a chance for the brave, bold soul who wants to make sure they stand out in any crowd or group of people with only two piercings around this sensitive area on our stomachs- one below our belly button (known as an “innie”) and one above it (“outie”). We’re not afraid of showing skin here at all!

The double navel piercing was once reserved solely for medical purposes but now anyone can get that extra jolt by getting these intimate piercings done.

Double navel piercings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people prefer to get vertical piercings, while others opt for horizontal ones. There are also inverse or deep belly button piercements available as well! Vertical piercings start on the top and bottom of your belly button, whereas with horizontal ones you will be pierced either side of it instead.

Piercings around the navel can be used to create a unique design. Multiple piercings, strategically placed, will form an elaborate pattern or display certain types of jewelry in ways that are more eye-catching and attractive than if only one piercing was there. Pierced enthusiasts often get their navel pierced four or five times so they can have even more creative freedom with how they choose to adorn it–or just for sheer variety’s sake!

Double navel piercings are often used to hold down loose skin or create symmetry when only one side of the body is pierced. If you’re interested in such a piercing, it’s important that you choose jewelry suitable for your stomach muscles; barbells made from titanium and stainless steel should work well on most people. Choosing these materials also helps them stay clean longer than other types of metal because they don’t oxidize as quickly due to their resistance to corrosion caused by exposure with water and oxygen found in air–oxygen can cause objects like metals exposed outside the human body rust easily if not protected against oxidation effects!

The best way make sure this type of jewelry lasts long enough: avoid using soap or any kind lubricant while shower.

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