What is a Negligee?

A negligee is a type of gown or nightgown that is typically sheer, lacy and feminine. It’s designed to be worn in the bedroom as loungewear or for intimate moments with your partner. The word “negligee” comes from the French term “negliger,” which means to neglect or ignore (someone).

Earlier, the negligee was of French design, and as such its name is derived from the word “négligée.” The originals in 18th century were not revealing much; in fact they often looked a lot like gowns you might wear during the day and covered most if not all of your body too with its length typically covering at least one arm. Well in 20th century this style underwent significant change as it became popular all over Western world with more exposure than before!

When dresses became more revealing in the 1920s, women did not wear petticoats like they had before. In fact, most of these new designs were nothing but a single layer silk slip similar to what French ladies wore over 200 years ago! Although it was still rather conservative compared with today’s lingerie styles.

Nightgowns in the 1940’s were not made with negligee trimming, but they quickly became popular after World War II. The sheer bodice and lace fabrics of nightwear soon began to be considered as sex appeal rather than just feminine dress up for a wedding party or other formal event. Pin-up girls often posed wearing sexy negligees which led to less expensive fabrics like nylon and polyester becoming common when manufacturing these garments

In the 1970s, there were many different styles of negligee. One definition for “negligée” is any woman’s dress style lingerie that you wear on your body before getting into bed to sleep or relax at home. For example, baby dolls are short versions and they could be anywhere from above-the-knee length up to floor length in a variety of colors as well!

The world of negligee fashion has evolved over time, with some styles aimed towards revealing all and others giving a more utilitarian feel. In the 1960s and 1970s, many women opted for polyester or nylon negligees in various colors that had simple lace trim around the top to show off their style without exposing too much skin. You can see these nightgown fashions on TV shows from this era!

Unsurprisingly, the more things change, the more they stay same. Women are still buying a lot of pajamas in 2004 and with each passing year as new trends come out and old ones fade away into history like polyester negligees that were popular for years but have now been replaced by cotton or silk sleep clothes which reflect changing attitudes about what is appropriate to wear while sleeping either alone or not at all! As the weather gets colder, there is nothing more satisfying than crawling into bed at night in a warm pajamas. A traditional pair of pyjama pants and top will keep you snug all through winter while providing total protection from chills that are sure to come with this change in season!

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